Creating Characters That Resonate – by Melissa Donovan…

Characters that resonate…

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on Writing Forward:

We see ourselves in a story’s characters. We see people we know—people we love, people we hate, people we fear, people we admire, and people we want to emulate.

We love characters, loathe them, judge them, take their sides, or stand in opposition to them. We cheer them on or boo them. We celebrate them, and sometimes we mourn them. We form relationships with them, even though they’re just figments of some storyteller’s imagination.

Characters are the heart and soul of a story. We care about a story only to the extent that we care about its characters. In order for us to connect with characters, they need to do more than move the plot forward.

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Marketing and Promoting Tips!

Marketing and promoting tips… Thanks Jemsbooks


Are you wondering where to go and what to do when you have a new book to promote? Check out these links for great ideas with Theodocia McLean. She is dependable, efficient and fees are reasonable. I use her services and am pleased with her work.

Here is my link to Novel Connection. Please check it out to see how it looks and how you can sign up too.

Here is another link to my site on Book Marketing Global Network.

Here is my link to Avid Readers Global Network.

Here is my link to Books Gone Viral.

Here are her latest sites and links.

Here Are The Links To Remember and Share:

You can always email Theodocia McLean with questions:

I hope you…

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You Know You Need A Book Editor But You Can’t Afford One – by Derek Haines…

The Editor you can’t AFFORD…or is it?

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on Just Publishing Advice:

For most self-publishing authors, the answer is probably no.

The cost of developmental editing, copy editing and line editing are all very expensive. In a traditional publishing house, professional editors and proofreaders are part of a lengthy and costly book production process.

For independent authors, you can hire a freelance editor. But these editors who work on an hourly rate don’t come cheap either.

Any form of professional editing will cost you a lot of money. But editing books is essential before publishing. So, what can you do to prepare a clean manuscript?

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The Indie Writer’s Handbook

This is a must-read. thanks, Nicholas and also for the link to David’s book

Nicholas C. Rossis

I was lucky enough to be sent an ARC for The Indie Writer’s Handbook by one of my favorite authors, David Wind. David has included a kind mention to this blog in his book, which is specifically aimed at Indies, hence the ARC.

“A great primer for new Indie authors (as well as ones who have been around and are wondering if they are doing everything they can to succeed). The easy, conversational style makes the fact that it is packed with information painless, the screenshot walk-thru’s of how to fill-out and accomplish various tasks online were a great idea – I’d definitely recommend!”

USA Today and WSJ Bestselling Indie Author Amy Vansant

David Wind

David Wind is a Hybrid author with 40 books of fiction published both Traditionally and Independently. He is a member of the Authors Guild, The Mystery Writers of America, The Science Fiction and Fantasy…

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Book Promotion as a Public Service – by Sandra Beckwith…

Talk about your book to promote…And read this post 🙂

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on The Book Designer:

In response to a recent article on my book marketing blog, a reader commented, “Blowing my own horn, so to speak, has never been in my nature.”

I had to think about this for a moment to truly understand it.

From my perspective, “blowing your own horn” would look something like this: “I’m the best. I’m the greatest. There’s nobody better than me. Look at how great I am.”

Of course you wouldn’t do that – and neither would this woman. It’s a great way to turn people off. And, what’s more, it has nothing to do with your book.

And that’s a key point.

Book promotion is exactly that: Promotion of your book. If you were promoting yourself, it would be called “self promotion” or “author promotion.” So, when you tell people about your book, you’re not “blowing your own horn.” You’re sharing information…

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Amazon AMS Ads: A Quick Rundown on the 2019 Changes – by Dave Chesson…

Amazon ams ads – a quick run down on the 2019 changes.

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On BookWorks:

Previously here on BookWorks, I’ve talked with you about Amazon AMS ads, including what they are, how they work, and how you should manage them. And while most of the principles I’ve spoken on before still hold true, not everything remains the same.

You see, there have been some changes in 2019 about how AMS ads actually work—and even the types of ads available. I’ve done my research and would love to share what I’ve learned with you.

Some of these changes are quality of life adjustments which make things nicer and easier for you. Others are full advertisement type changes which you should definitely look into.

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