1. Hi Sally and All.

      You’re very welcome. Abbie published this before in my Writer’s Grapevine Magazine and I am tickled to see it here with you.

      My site is under construction so I thought it would be nice to reblog here.

      Have a super weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by Claire’s blog. Hope you look around.

  1. Thanks for sharing both Patty and Darlene’s posts which are always a joy to read. Good luck with your new website Darlene. Paty, hope you and your new friend are settling in well and enjoying getting to know each other. Not Campbell, but just as lovely I am sure.

    1. Good morning Jane, first, thanks for reading and commenting on the post. You’re welcome for the share here. I love sharing work and Claire has graciously allowed me to share things here on her blog. This helps her keep great content and allows me the pleasure of reblogging other’s work.

      Next, yes blue and I are getting on quite famously. He is much different than Campbell but he is a true treasure.

      There’s a Paws on the Streets series over on my blog which tells a lot of our tale. When the domain name transfer is complete there I have another tale to share.

      1. It all sounds wonderful, so pleased for you both. I shall look when everything is ready, meantime, have a great new week and many new adventures together. xx

      1. Hi, I saw it and approved it. Just wanted to make sure cause I didn’t want to do it if you were gonna do it. LOL.

        Abbie, I’m so grateful for the sharing support you give. I wish you great success with this book and all your others.

        You’ve gotten some truly amazing comments over on Sally’s blog. People are quite taken with the book.


    1. Hi Sally, it’s my pleasure. Abbie is a friend, fellow author and client of mine. She has caught the true spirit of blogging and has grown so much as an author since I met her. Thanks for helping her along her way.

    1. Hi Kevin, I’m so glad. Having a guide dog makes everything so much easier. May you have many happy years together.

      This post was also shared into the email Writer’s Grapevine group.

      Trish Hubschman had me share it onto her Facebook page as well.

      Are you receiving the emails from the group? I’ve tried to reach out to you about this. I hope I have the correct email info.

      Well, anyhow, good luck and you’re very welcome for the share.

    1. Hi, well, on Smashwords we do our own author interviews. On my blog I’ve also done my own interview using the same questions I ask other authors.
      In marketing one of the things I tell my clients is that no one is gonna ever promote you if you don’t believe in your own work enough to promote yourselves.

    1. Hi Sally, this sounded so good.

      I’m going to try to see if I can copy in such a way that I can share into the magazine.

      I’d like to have a portion of it and then a read more link so I’m going to see what can be done.

      Anyhow, it was great and I was happy to share.

    1. Hi Abbie and all. I hope so too. The magazine is a lot of work to put together but it is also a lot of fun.

      I love seeing the talented diversity of all my contributors both client and guest.

      I’m quite amazed at how the magazine has grown and evolved since we began putting it out some years ago. I have every magazine file from the beginning to present day and I’ve gone back and looked at some which came from the start and it’s breath-taking to read and see the growth of not only the magazine production but the writers themselves.

      Anyhow, thanks for commenting here. So many bloggers don’t bother to do that and it’s refreshing to see you’re one who does.

  2. Hi Claire, this is a great post.
    Here are some things which grab my attention.
    First, when reading blogs, when people have taken the time to actually put alt text in the ppictures on their blogs being very descriptive is a big draw.
    Next, when I’m reading Fcebook, Twitter and the like, the images which contain descriptive text and allow me to read their memes and such are another big draw.
    So, my suggestion to those reading is to make certain to learn to do these things.
    1. Blind people read tons and tons of books each year.
    2. Many of us are addicted to buying them from Kindle and Audible so make sure to keep those with print disabilities in mind when learning to create great content.
    Thanks for sharing your learned wisdom with us.

    1. Thank you for your comments. As stated at the bottom of the blog… The image was to complex to do ALT Text and make sense of it. The Actual cover did have a description beside it.

      1. I wish we got a bit of notice when they updated things… Here is hoping it makes it easier for some. Do you know anything about an update for contents tables? I’m wondering if they’ve changed or just their site being glitchy…

  3. My name is Matthew Mayfield. I write as the CheezeBoy. I’m a 1st time author. I paid AuthorHouse UK about £10,000 to get 3 books published in 2020. I’ve never received any royalties and I think I got interviewed by Kate Delaney in the summer of 2021 on zoom. I cancelled 1 book with them. They’ve overpriced my book out of the market. They also only offered me 10-20% of what my book makes. Kate Delaney told me that after she found out. They still owe me thousands of pounds. They only contact me when they want more money. I tried to take my own life because of them. I’m a single dad on a very low income in a full-time job. I live just above the poverty line. They’ve not spoken to me since I made my final payment (that was in early 2021). I paid for 1 of my books to be republished with BookTrail agency. They told me I should get royalties in January 2022, but I’m still waiting. They contacted me today wanted another £550 (already paid them £2000). It’s completely ruined me financially and emotionally. I’m seriously considering suicide again. It’s destroyed me as an Author. I wish I’d never got published and just kept my writing as a hobby. I stopped writing because of this. I was writing my 20th book too, but I’m done with writing. My daughter’s the reason I’m still alive.

    1. I’m sorry to hear what they gave done to you. Don’t stop writing and self publish. I’ve been turned over by Xlibris. I had to make many amendments to my edited book. They published the unamended version. Booktrail have the publishing agreement now. I’ve been interviewed by Kate and I enjoyed it. Despite going out to 22 million listeners I had zero sales. Booktrail said I did not have a contract with them. I will not name the individual involved. I did. I have self advertised and had over a thousand hits on Amazon Books before Christmas. Result about 17 sales according to BookTrail. So you are not alone.

    2. I have had problems with BookTrail as well. I see the telephone numbers no longer work. I’m still writing and intend to self publish this time with Amazon,. It appears complicated at first but it’s not and there are many tutorials on YouTube. good luck.
      Incidentally, I was contacted by BT and was asked to the London and York Bookfairs. I was asked to pay them $1000 dollars to attend. It was a lie. They did not have a stand. Its about time the FBI investigated this type of company.

      1. I didn’t realise how bad they were. I’ve only recently looked into them as a business. Not finding much on their site, though hearing loud and clear from authors to stay away. Good luck with your publishing. I have a few tutorials myself though on this website rather than YouTube due to deafness. Happy to chat about publishing if you need though by sounds of things you’re going to be fine.

  4. Cancelled my other 2 books with authorhouse this morning. They emailed me today saying they can’t do the officials yet because of covid restrictions. Don’t think I’ll get royalties, or the £1,300 unfulfilled marketing package they owe me though. Don’t know whether to keep my other book with booktrail yet?

    1. I think you need to look through your contacts and maybe cancel them with both companies and get your copyright back for your books. Vanity press is a harsh lesson which is why I love Writers Beware website and mention it to as many new authors as I can. Can you see if you can get advice from the CAB… some have lawyers… or could tell you who to approach for free (not sure about in the UK) You maybe able to get a refund… though I’m not sure. On the covid thing… I thought all restrictions had been dropped in the UK? So not sure what they mean. Good luck.

  5. A word of warning. I’m currently with BookTrail Agency and have had to chase them for royalties. Just over a month ago I was contacted by a female in the Philippines – she made a mistake with the time. She wanted me to join them at the Olympia Book Fair in London which is in early April and York in Sept. She also wanted me to sign a sale or return contract to sell my book to Waterstones. This would cost me 2000 dollars. I asked her to send details. None arrived. I checked Olympia and BookTrail do not have a stand. I paid for a Kate Delaney interview and enjoyed it. According to BT I made no sales through it. In fact they said I did not have a contract with them. Then I did. I’ve had over a thousand hits on Amazon Books before Christmas and according to BT I’ve sold 17. BT report showed no e-sales which is odd. Plus I’m meant to get a 100% royalties on these sales. Also their HQ now appears to be in NY now. My telephone call was answered America Tonight. Why, I don’t know?

    1. I just got taken recently, as a writer, for a lot of money by BookTrail Agency/Agarwood Publishing House supposedly out of New York City. This is a very elaborate scam! I, certainly, would not trust these con artists with my Social Security number based on their bogus promise of the writer receiving 100 percent royalties. And I have been to the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission, my local police department, the Attorney General of my state, Writers Beware, and so forth, just for a start. These people are outright criminals! The reports I have submitted have been quite lengthy. I have a lot of details about these crooks.

      1. I am in contact with another author who has been scammed by Book Trail Agency. They are still waiting for royalties… I have no idea what their contracts look like, presuming they have one. There are no costs on their website either. Hopefully I can help this author sort out their books so they can safely self-publish.

  6. This company took advantage of my mother, an author who is suffering from dementia. She was also taken advantage of by a number of print vanity publishing companies for Multiple thousands of dollars each month. Elder abuse like this is rampant.

  7. I am so happy I found this Blog
    I just got off the phone with one of their VAs
    and started googling the company.
    They use a lot of matching and pacing communication and it is easy to get seduced.
    I actually said yes to them but not now.

    After reading this blog and reviewing everything she told me on the phone I decided to block the number and put an email in the spam box. ad continue on my own!