Most new authors think that writing is the most important part of becoming an author.  Sorry ladies and gentlemen. You’d be wrong.  WHY! You may ask. An Indie Author also needs to make their work look like a book…you know those ones you find in book stores and libraries.  How hard can it be?  In the last three years we’ve seen hundreds of badly edited & formatted books with horrible book covers which look like they were copied and pasted together.


We offer a Budget Package to NEW Indie Authors – those who wish to grow and learn what they are doing and how to make their writing the best possible product.

  • Editing
  • Beta Reading
  • Formatting – plus two formatting edits
  • Book Covers – e-book and wrapped print covers
  • Uploading manuscripts to distributors.
  • Media Kit

You receive all files after final payment or as agreed with in your contract

To get all this and a FREE Interview in the Indie Publishing News you pay a one-off price. We don’t want to hold your copyright, nor do we want your royalties. All this stays with you – the author.

  •  10,000 – 25,000 words you will be paying $320 – $640 USD
  •  25,000 – 50,000 words you will be paying $640 – $1,280 USD
  • 50,000 – 100,000 words and you will paying $1,280 – 2,560 USD

All packages cost the same though with Standard and Elite we offer:-

  • Book Trailer
  • Teasers & Banners 
  • Blog Tours
  • Some Marketing

Please ask if you require any of the of these so we can give you a quote

We also do special packages for those who don’t need all the above.  Many authors already have Editors and Book Cover Artists. Due to this we will take out the cost of what you don’t need.

Remember unlike Traditional Publishing who continue to take royalties off your sales, even after you’ve technically paid for all the work they’ve done…They will continue to do so. This is their Profit.  We would prefer if more of the profit goes to you, which is why we work with one-off payments.  Due to Budgets we will also take monthly payments for anyone who needs.

Contracts will be drawn up so you know what package you are taking and what your overall payment is. Once signed and a deposit of 10% is made, we will start work.

We do not guarantee SALES. We guarentee a professional looking book.

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