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Price Increases from Ingram Spark


Dear Publisher, 

Amidst significant uncertainty in the global supply chain, IngramSpark is committed to supporting the book industry with the best possible service through the busy holiday season and into 2022. Over the past several months, the publishing industry has seen several cost increases for consumables, such as paper and packaging materials, as well as an increase in the cost of labor. Operating safely during the pandemic also has required additional resources and investments in manufacturing and distribution centers. 

As a result of these industry-wide challenges, effective November 6th, 2021, IngramSpark is increasing print pricing as follows: 

  • US (United States) market: 6% increase 
  • UK (United Kingdom) & AU (Australia) markets: 3% increase 

These changes do not apply to freight, handling, or title setup related fees. 

View our updated rate card.

To help you assess any increases you may need to make to your retail pricing, we will be adding the future pricing view to our online pricing calculators. You should expect to see that view appear within the next two weeks. As a reminder, you can update your retail pricing through the IngramSpark website, with changes going into effect every Friday at 12:01 AM US Central Time. 

We will also be identifying titles that will move into negative publisher compensation because of these price changes and will communicate that title information to you within the next two weeks. 

We will continue to monitor and report on changes to the supply chain to ensure we provide the service you count on us to deliver. 

Thank you for your continued business as we help your titles reach readers worldwide. 

Your IngramSpark Team 

Introducing Cac the Proofreader and her WORD WAR

I’d like to welcome Cathy Stiner to my blog with her WORD WAR. Cathy is a proofreader and has her own business called Hawk Eyes Proofreading. I will be blogging Cathy’s WORD WAR items every week and they will go out on a Monday. What I liked most about Cathy’s posts are the simple and quick explanations she uses. I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts. Remember, they will be here each Monday. Meanwhile, you can find her contact details at the end of this post if you wish to connect with her.

Cac The Proofreader here, with Hawk Eyes Proofreading!

This marks the beginning of my WORD WAR column. Each week (sometimes twice) I will put up common mistakes I consistently run across while proofreading your projects and thought maybe you would like to head them off before they make it into someone else’s hands…or eyes! After all, the more corrections we proofreaders make, the longer it takes us, and the more dollars it costs you, the author. That is NOT our goal! Our goal (or at least mine!) is to make you look good…NO…make you look GREAT! This one is quite simple: ACCEPT vs. EXCEPT. 
ACCEPT is to receive something {perhaps a gift} or regard it as proper {accept the idea}. Example: I accept the fact that I am a big word nerd.

EXCEPT something is to exclude it or leave it out. Example: I like them all except that one.

If you have a question about what I’m posting, please don’t hesitate to contact me. OR…if you have a WORD WAR of your own you’d like me to address, simply email me and I will add it to my rapidly growing list.
I’m Cac The Proofreader, and I’m at: cac@hawkeyesproofreading.com. The web address is: hawkeyesproofreading.com 833.I.PROOF.U/833.477.6638. The Hawk Eyes Proofreading Facebook page is in the process of being rebuilt. In the meantime, you can go to my personal page: Cathy Bozof Stiner.

There are many more WORD WARS contained there as well as a look-see as to who I am and what I’m all about.

How To: Find and Set up Share Tabs on WordPress

Yes I know there are tutorial for WordPress about how to use and improve your websites & blogs (especially for beginners. The tutorials are brilliant and informative. It is a great place to start your journey. Here is a tutorial link to various things you may want to learn


However. I keep getting asked how to do various things on wordpress, or I assist where I can depending on what I know.  Like everyone else I am still learning due to technology changing and updating.

This post is about Share Tabs…How I sorted mine out prior to knowing about wpbeginner.


Everything you do on your wordpress site starts with your HOME PAGE – Whatever name you call it. Mine is PACKAGES. This is also called your LANDING PAGE so it needs to be impressive.

Up on the top left hand side you can see the words MY SITES. Click on this and it will open a panel on the left side as shown below.

This is what you will find. Here you can check your Stats, look over your Site Pages, Customize and so much more. 

Scroll down to the bottom of this bar and you will find WP ADMIN. Click on this and it will take you to another page. Also note on the main page you can see all my share tabs for viewers to use.

This time you will find yourself on your DASHBOARD – Behind the scenes of your website where only you and those you give permission to can visit. Once you get to this page, you can do all the different things you wish to show on your website. Trial and error is part of the learning curve.

Click on SETTINGS  and a new small black box will appear.

This time we want SHARING so we can sort out the tab we wish to make available to our visitors.

The next three slides show you what is available to use and how to move the tabs so they show up where you wish them too.  Drag and drop, choose the style and choose where you wish them to show




This issue started for me in the middle of last year when I tried to contact one of my clients.  Not only couldn’t I send emails to her, I couldn’t reply to ones she sent to me.  It took about 2 weeks to sort it out. Yes you guessed it, nobody really knew what was going on.  Apparently my email address – to some clients – is now considered SPAM.  As far as I know it is due to running a GMAIL Account.

Now my issue was just with those clients and friends who had XTRA ISP Accounts. The email was stopped at the border and rejected.  I suppose it is a bit like people being told they aren’t fit to enter a certain country.

Anyway, this client is now sorted.  All my others – I have since noticed – still reject at the border. Some clients have luckily had other email addresses they could use like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. Others haven’t so until I can get this sorted yet again…it looks like info sharing will be on Facebook, which isn’t always ideal.

Yesterday I replied to another client with her own personalised email address. It was fine. Checking emails today I found another message and replied.  Damn it – it was rejected as SPAM.  What the heck is going on.

The response was:

550 This message contains a known spam email address.

My next step is contacting the SPAM People and hopefully I’ll be able to clear my email address from their SPAM list etc.  Fingers crossed.


Save Your FINAL Manuscript

Yeah I know we’ve all heard this one before! However, it is strange we all still loose full or parts of manuscripts.  Yes I have done it as well.  This time I was ready to publish, book cover done and do you think I could find the whole manuscript…NO

DAMN!  I am so mad with myself.  I know why this happened, I even know when it happened.  Right at the end of January 2016 when I accidentally wiped my computer.  Yeah, I hear you all saying “DUH.”  Problem is I didn’t realise until it was to late.  How can this be, you may ask.  It’s called Windows 10 and my computer is a Lenovo. That’s my excuse anyway.  In reality it is technology which caught me out. 

In the past when you have needed to go back to factory settings or find a spot to jump to in time on you computer – you did just that.  I’m not sure if it is just Lenovo or if Windows 10 contributed as well.  Anyway it’s not called Factory Settings anymore…NO, aha…not this time.  So yes I accidentally wiped everything.  HOWEVER I’M GOOD...Well so I thought.

I save my manuscripts in dropbox, onedrive some in google drive, send them to friends via email and chat or just email them to myself.  YAY ME.  Off I went asking all my wonderful friends to send me copies back.  Which of course they did.  The rest of my stuff was on back up Memory Sticks or in emails.  So very happy.  Well that is until the day before Valentine’s Day

Opening a manuscript and found the last part missing – DAMN.  It was an older version.  Never mind i’ll have to re-write it again and publish later.  BAH HUMBUG.  Then I noted another was missing the last bit too, not that it worried me since this particular novel hasn’t been finished yet.  Today!!

Today I found my latest work to be published…and nearly cried.  SOB.  Not only was the majority of it missing, all I had was a short story instead of a novella and it was one of the few books…well never mind.  It was a good story and I doubt I can re-write it as good as it was.

So what happened to them.  It’s simple I never saved a FINAL COPY of the manuscript on drop box, onedrive or google drive.  No copies on my memory stick or emails.  So here I am sending out a warning to you all.