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Have Authors been Compromised?

Written by Real Laplaine

August 18, 2019|author, book giveaways, book release, books, free books, reading, writing

This could be a touchy subject for some or many, so I apologize in advance if what I am about to say offends you.

As an author of 14 published works, so far, and an ardent writer, I found myself lured by Amazon and other book promotion services, into offering my books at discount prices. In fact, if you look for services that promote books to their readership, 99% of them focus on offering their readership either free books or books for $00.99. You will be hard-pressed to find a service that focuses on actual value priced-books.

I was drawn to this discount/giveaway platform for a time because of stories I read about authors who gave away their books for free or for next to nothing and how that developed into a readership and people started buying their books – leading them to great success. Sounds logical – right? I thought so too.

In truth, while that may be the case for an isolated few, it doesn’t work for most.


Making your book FREE on Kindle

I would say ‘what a joke.’  It is idiotic how KINDLE treat authors who wish to give their books away.  How hard can it be and why is it so hard to do this with Kindle?

Why is it so hard?  

I have no bloody idea.  They could make it simple like Smashwords, Google Play and Draft to Digital.  But nope they want to confuse you and make it as hard as possible to put your book up for FREE. I am sure they just have it in for Indie Authors.  I can’t see Traditional Publishers jumping through the same hoops we have to.

So what to do?

I remember back to publishing the ‘Awethology’ anthologies in Oct 2015.  Bit of a nightmare having to publish early on another sight so I could get the books up for FREE on KINDLE on the right date.  First they did a couple of countries, then i had authors email me saying it wasn’t FREE in their country yet.  It took a while to sort out.  I have now done this a few times and another author gave me an easy way to get it sorted faster.

Join Draft to Digital or Smashwords who both distribute to APPLE.  Once APPLE have accepted the FREE eBook (They let you know on Draft to Digital) Then you go and click on the link and copy it into a document about ten times.  Next you find out which countries APPLE Cover and change the initals at the end of the link. eg. uk is England, ca is Canada.  Once you have them all save the document and you can use these links to send to Kindle to get them to make your book FREE

Simple.  Just not as simple as Smashwords and Draft to Digital…Even Google Play will put them up for FREE without the nonsense Kindle insists on.