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Time to be Business Savvy

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Here in New Zealand, the Covid 19 Pandemic is OVER...for now at least. We are back to our new normal except our borders are closed to everyone but New Zealand citizens and permanent residents.

What is the new normal going to look like? Makes one wonder. Well, we all know there is going to be unemployment due to closures. It was expected in many areas. What wasn’t expected was the streamlining of big business, many of which are foreign-owned? 

What do I mean by streamlined? Well… many of those essential workers and essential support workers and staff who worked through Covid 19, plus many who didn’t are finding themselves being made REDUNDANT...including my husband who worked through the pandemic until today where officially we are back on our NEW NORMAL.  Charming isn’t it.  

What big business noticed is that they could run their companies with less staff and still stay open and make a profit. In other words, we don’t need you anymore and we’re going to cut costs and make your job void. The company my husband worked for isn’t the only one doing this and yes they are all thinking they are business savvy by saving a few bucks. 

My thinking as a small company owner… IDIOTS, we will have an upturn in the economy and those you got rid of won’t want to work for you, they won’t want to buy your products either.  Many will start their own companies. Meanwhile, big business is going to get bitten in the butt with this. 

Small companies are now banding together and building their own brands, supporting each other, helping each other get an income they can live off. 

If there is anyone out there who is starting a company in marketing then we need to start supporting each other to gain traction and grow while we can. Assisting our Author and Family History Clients and being an Author is hard work with low pay at the best of times. I know I need to grow and bring in more clients to do this. My business survives because I’m stubborn and I like helping others. I also know I don’t charge enough for my services and do things for FREE. It is what it is.

I’m now looking at re-training in an area I can earn an income I can live off. My writing and publishing may need to be part-time. A hobby, unless something happens soon. I really don’t fancy living in a car and this is something we could be facing in the not too distant future if we don’t get jobs. Like most other countries, government benefits aren’t enough to live off in any shape or form. Been there done that a few times over the last thirty years.

Here is to helping you to help others to survive

The Working Bear – Oxford

I’d like to introduce you to my new employee. Please welcome Oxford Bear


Oxford was born…bought on my 40th birthday while I was visiting Oxford in England. I’d been given a small teddy bear by my young children and sadly lost it. So with it being my birthday, I bought Oxford. He travelled everywhere with me. Still does. Though I’m slowing down now so I gave Oxford a job and he’s taken over my chair. Luckily I still have my desk.

I would sit in my recliner though Nero the cat seems to have decided it is his. He wasn’t happy to have his photo taken this time either. I must find a decent one.

Where to sit.  Well, Oxford and I came to a decision to share the chair. During his off time, he’s decided to sit on top of the printer instead. He doesn’t look overly impressed but never mind. If he wants to be in my office, then he needs to take his chances.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping he may help me with my marketing. You never know, he could help just by holding a client’s book or pretending to read it.  I’ll let you know how it goes. First things first. I need to order some author copies for him to hold.

Open for Submissions – Ghostly Youth Anthology

Plaisted Publishing House has opened its doors for our first Anthology of the year.  Ghostly Youth is for anyone who writes ghost stories for ages 10 and up. Any genre suitable for children is acceptable as long as the story has a ghostly element.

Calling all Ghostly Rites Authors!

Submissions for Ghostly Youth—Vol 1 open 1st March 2020.

This is a new publication aimed for the young, and young at heart, aged from 10 to adult.  Please remember your submission may be rejected if your content is not suitable (PG-13 as a guide).

Submissions close for editing: 1st May 2020,   Publication: June 2020

Submission Requirements—Please Note:

¨ Submissions will be a non-refundable USD $10 up to 8,000 words.  Please reserve your space in this Anthology by sending via PayPal Friends & Family to plaistedpublishinghouse@gmail.com with the reference “Ghostly Youth—*Author Name*”.  Please note editing on your manuscript will not start until payment is received. You may submit multiple manuscripts, at USD $10 each.

¨ Please send your manuscript to ghostlyrites@gmail.com.  Your document must include a cover page containing only the Title and your Author name for admin purposes.

¨ Documents should be set in Times New Roman at 14pt Black.  Please ensure your document does not contain any TAB or SPACEBAR indents.  If you are not sure what this means, please let Claire know and she will make a post about it and can send you a template guide to help you.

¨ After submission, your manuscript will be proof-read for content, grammar, spelling and general suitability.  Should a rewrite or changes be required, you will be advised prior to a final proof being sent to you. Once you have signed off on the final proof, no further changes can be made.

¨ All purchases of anthologies will be at authors cost, and links will be published once they are uploaded and ready.  We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

Calling all Beta-Readers, Proof-Readers & Graphic Designers!
If you can volunteer to be a test-reader, proof-reader or a designer of teasers for our trailers, please contact Claire Plaisted at ghostlyrites@gmail.com to offer your services.

Join my Anthologies

This is a blog post written by Mara Reitsma who is one of my contractors. Mara gives her time to my Anthologies to help others get their names out there…It’s a good read…there again so are the Anthologies


CoPromote and now Creator Collabs

I did some googling to find out what was happening and I found posts from ex employees who’ve not been paid, that the owner/director/operator runs when someone is trying to serve them papers…and the list goes on. All you need to do is google CoPromote.  I did try with Creator Collabs…but nothing came up other than there website which…is defunct.

I personally wish I knew what happened to CoPromote.  There was never an explanation as to why they closed down…all I remember was some kind of internet issues. I am glad I used a FREE Account. I doubt those who paid ever saw their money again.

CoPromote was a great loss. It was a great idea and worked really well. I had a massive following at one stage and then bam…They were gone.  Like all small businesses who wish to market we go looking for other websites which do similar things.  I did try one and got told off for posting to quickly…or was that to often.  I never went back.  I decided they weren’t worth the time.

Then I found Creator Collabs.  Opening the site it looked nearly exactly the same as CoPromote. They were back and under a new name…at first I found this weird. I worked out it was the same company, however once joined up, you had to start from scratch again. This was off-putting so even though I used the site…I didn’t use it much, I wasn’t sure about trusting this site. I found Creator Collabs at the end of 2017 then in November they had a hitch which sounded very similar to what happened to CoPromote.  However, they did get back online again.  Then a found a post on Facebook from a friend asking is anyone used the site.  We had a chat in messages.

It seems another hitch has arisen. This friend messaged them and got a reply saying they’d be back online soon.  Then nothing. Messaged again…NOTHING... We spoke and I sent a message on TWITTER….Nope, no reply.  This was earlier this year.


If or when this site come back online….I sure as hell won’t be using it. I don’t trust anyone who can’t give me a reply or who can’t explain what’s going on.


My Journey into Creating a Publishing Company – Part Two

Here I was proud to be a Director of my own limited company. With a gentleman who was going to assist with Marketing in exchange for publishing a book and my daughter as a contractor to do Book Covers.

My daughters hobby business is Ceejay Designs. Claudia was studying Graphic Design after being trapped in our home with agoraphobia. This was her first step into the real world for two years. I was and still am so proud of her accomplishments. Today she still suffers from Anxiety, however she is braving the world, moving from New Zealand to England with her family to have time with her English grandparents.

Back to my Publishing Company…

It was the end of 2014 beginning of 2015 and I had a few articles in the Newspaper about my business, me as an author and my first client (exchange not paid). This bought in three more clients over 2015.  It was great. A small amount of work, though I was still learning the ropes. This helped me grow at the rate I needed to. Those clients were – Norman McClean, Captain B M Commons & Bob Sutton, the last two have since passed away.

 Photo: Kay Buchanan / KeyImagery Photography

During 2015 I did two business courses. One was a short 12 week course – called Incubate, which was to advanced for my business at that stage. However, it was interesting all the same. I learnt a lot about the ins and outs of business. One thing I did realise was it would be years before I could employee anyone, however contracting out would work well until I was ready.
     The other course was a Certificate in Small Business Management, Level 4 which I studied one night a week at Te Wananga o Aotearoa which is a Maori College. I met some amazing students there who are still good friends today. The third course was a diploma in Small Business Enterprise, Level 5. Both of these taught me a lot of different skills which I needed to run a successful business. However, I also needed publishing skills. How to format a book to look professional.

What did I do…?

Research, which is something all authors need to do if they wish to be proficient and successful. This is where the library and the local book stores come in handy. You can look at books and see how they are set out. It is mind-blowing how much work goes into creating a book. As many say – ‘Writing the book is the easy part’. Not sure I would always agree with this, however I now know the ropes to help my clients get the best formatting around. Yeah, I am proud of myself and what I can do.

Some of the things you need to learn as a publisher…!

What does a paperback book page look like?
Where does the Copyright page go?
Do you need a Contents Page?
Do you need a Contents Page?
Acknowledgements & Dedications?

Where does the Author Biography go?
Author Links? How do you make them and where do you put them

Then you need to style the paperback pages…

Headers for paperbacks
Page Numbers. 
Fonts Style – Which are the best to use?
Font Size
Book Size
Footnotes & Endnotes
Criteria for Distribution Websites

What about ebooks…?

Contents Pages
No Headers
No Page Numbers
No blank pages

Remembering we read an e-book as if it is a scrolling document. You don’t need to choose a font or font size, the distribution websites do this for you. A reader can change the size and font to what they wish once the book is downloaded. This is unless you embed the fonts you are using

How do Children’s books Differ…?

Artwork & Illustrations.
Full Colour or Black & White

Fewer Pages
Bigger Font Size
Different shape and size books – paperbacks.

What you need so you can turn your manuscript into a product people will buy…

Book Cover Design
Editing and all the different types a writer may need
Beta Readers
ARC Reviews

Contacts & Connections
Social Media

The list goes on and I continue to learn something new every few months. I will probably talk a bit more about my learning curve and how or what I had to do to get the job done.

Towards the end of 2015 Plaisted Publishing House made their first Anthology. There were so many entries that two books were made with about 600 pages in each one. These Anthologies were made in conjunction with the Awethors Group on Facebook. They were to be used as a marketing tool for the authors who participated. The e-book would be FREE and the paperbacks – due to being so big, were $25 a piece. It took months to organise with many of the group volunteering their services with Beta Reading, Editing and Checking.  I was in charge of the formating and publishing.  What a learning curve that was.
We had a huge release day over several continents and if I remember I think I stayed up for 17 hours posting on my website about each and every author who filled in an interview form. Of course in those days I was new to WordPress as well.  If I knew I could schedule posts, I probably would have gone to bed a lot earlier. 

During the Event several of us did Take Covers on various blogs.  This was my post as an author. The characters take control…LOL. This was posted on Northern Witch Books

My Muse Attack

All in a day’s work

by Claire Plaisted

“Claire what on earth are you doing to Fabia, who’s attacking her?” demanding Zoe, flying through the door, Jagan (thank the lord) a small drag on her hand blowing fire.
“Slow down Zoe, and please tell Jagan to stop his fire, I don’t want the fire alarms or sprinklers being set off again,” I told her sternly.
“Jagan,” she scolded.
“Sorry, it’s such fun,” he sighed, curling up to go to sleep.
“Fabia will be fine, she is allowed to have an adventure too.”
“I don’t want her getting hurt.”
“I won’t get hurt Zoe,” said a smiling voice from the door.
“Fabia, she squeals, shoving Jagan in her pocket.
They ran to each other hugging, both talking at once.
“Girls, will you either calm down or get out of my office.
“Sorry Claire,” they grinned.
They sat on the sofa, clasped together giggling when Tristian from ‘Fred the Evil Incarnate’, walked in, they gawked, eyes wide.
“Yes Tristian?”
“What did you do with my son?”
“He went exploring.”
“Please find him.”
“Da da, I’m going to have an awesome adventure.”
Tristian’s youngest boy rushed through the door, his dark hair and grey eyes alight with excitement.
“Where too young man,” he said crouching down.
“Into the other worlds beyond the edge,” he replied.
I cringed, waiting for the explosion of temper, before he could Abraham from GIB walked in, his hands in his pockets. He looked tired and on edge.
“Abraham,” I murmured standing up and approaching him. “What’s wrong?”
“The world is going to go to hell!” he said looking down at me.
“What do you mean?”
“I met…oh never mind, just get ready to die, the world…” sighing he walked out again.
“What was that?” said Zoe?”
“That was Abraham, he works with Garrett Investigation Bureau,” I replied frowning as I sat back at my desk.
“What was he on about – the world going to hell stuff,” said Fabia. “Our world went to hell and is on the brink of returning to near normal again.”
“Tristian, meet Zoe and Fabia, best friends from a book called “Princess of the Earth.”
“Hi,” he smiled down at them kindly. His son tugged on his dad’s hand. “Yes son?”
“Who’s that in the doorway?”
“Hey Cera, solved anymore riddles lately,” I grinned.
“No,” she scowled. I can’t find…”
“You can find anyone.”
“Those dratted faeries took her, I lost her track,” she snapped.
“Well get the heck out of here and find her and hurry up. I want your novel on sale by this coming Christmas at the latest.”
“Charming, has to be my fault.”
“Well you’re the one with the magic powers Cera the Black Cat.”
“Whatever,” she said as she changed into her cat form and padded out of my office, the others with their jaws dropped open.
“Get outta here you lot and go do your thinking, I need to get some of these draft stories finished.
There was a knock on my window. I looked out and nearly screamed, when I realised it was Paul the Moa with David his best friend. Quickly I jumped up and flung the windows open.
“Oh my, it’s two years since I last saw you two, how you’ve both grown.”
“Yeah Paul is quite scary now he’s twelve foot tall,” laughed David, with a cheerful grin.
“So you must tell me your adventures, last time I was writing about you, Paul was only a baby and fast asleep.”
“We’ll stop by soon when you’re not so busy,” he replied.
Pulling on the bridle, Paul pecked me, making me laugh then lifted his head away and off the ran over my back garden, I looked now at the rather large footprints Paul left behind and winced, my gardener was not going to be pleased.
“What the hell was that thing, it looked like an overly large Ostrich,” gasped Eilish Garrett, who’d entered my office while I was chatting with David.
“That’s a Moa, a native New Zealand bird which was thought to be extinct.”
“It’s huge.”
“Maybe I’ll introduce you one day. Meanwhile, everyone out, I need my office back so I can finish at least one novel.
“Grumbling the left, though I knew I would be disturbed again soon. It was always the same with my muses. God help me when the Gothixies finally put in an appearance.

The door crashed open.
“When are you publishing my story?” demanded Jones.
“Another few weeks, now get out,” I was getting aggravated with them all.
“Touchy aren’t you,” he grinned and slammed out again.
“Just one more interruption and I’ll scream,” I muttered as I began to type once more.

Since this was blogged. Jones’ story has been published, the world hasn’t ended and nor has Abraham’s book been finished so you still have time to prepare for the end of the world. The other lovely characters and muses have draft books still pending.

Back to the Event…

What I didn’t realise at the time, was this event would increase not only my knowledge but my connections as well. We enjoyed the event so much, we also did an Anthology in December. Religion sort of got in the way, however my daughter came up with the book title ‘December Awethology’. Once again there were two books though much small this time.

In Part Three I will tell you about the difficulties I had…Publishing isn’t all easy, sometimes Clients can misbehave and I’ve had several.

Uploading your Self-Published eBook to Lulu

Welcome to the world of LULU Uploading.  As promised here is the second installment about UPLOADING…This time it’s for eBOOKS.

WE start with picking what we wish to publish, of course this time it is the ebook we wish to do. So follow the images and I’ll explain what is what as you scroll through them.

You picked the ebook now it is time to think about if you wish to do this for FREE or need to ask for help.  This of course depends on how proficient you are at formatting and if you can format the way LULU need you to. 

One think I have noticed with ebook distribution sites, they all have their own styles of formatting. Some are easier than others. Once in the know…it becomes easy.

This blog is about how to publish your book for FREE and we would hit ‘MAKE YOUR EBOOK’ Tab to continue.  

Meanwhile. If you need any assistance and a guiding hand you can ask for some professional support  from LULU – who will handle the heavy lifting for you.

The choice is made and you are starting a NEW PROJECT. It’s time for the TITLE and AUTHOR NAME.  It also asks what you wish to do with your project. Most people want to sell their books and this is the recommended route to take. After your choices are made click save and continue.

Next you get to choose your ISBN for your book.  You can pick the FREE LULU ISBN which can only be used on books you distribute via LULU. 

If you are uploading to another site, it is likely they will offer their own FREE ISBN.  If you have already purchased a set of ISBN then use them.  There is a link on the below image on how to purchase your own numbers. 

If you don’t wish to use an ISBN then you WON’T be able to distribute through LULU retail channels.

Below is shows the FREE ISBN for my book which they will email to me.  Since you haven’t yet uploaded your manuscript, now is the time to add the ISBN to your copyright page and save it again.


Choose you manuscript and upload. You will see the BAR below turn and orange-yellow.

Once it has uploaded it will show the document as below.  If you have to make amendments later make sure you delete this file first on the X

Remember back to when you organised the HEADINGS in your manuscript.  Well this is what LULU do. They show you the list for your contents table which you can adjust by changing the headings.  When you do the HEADINGS you can use HEADING 1 – 3 ONLY You will also need to change the style to what you wish to see, making sure you embed the fonts as well.

Most Authors will also have their own BOOK COVERS by this stage in the process. If you do then you will need to upload the cover during this next stage.  Having your own BOOK COVER means you can use any Theme, they are technically irrelevant though you still need to choose one.  As you can see I stayed with the gold one with my name in the bottom right corner.

Click onto Backgrounds & Pictures. You can see where you can change the colour and edit the image.  If you have a BOOK COVER already made you will need to EDIT the IMAGE. If you need to build your own you can ask for professional help from a LULU Cover Designer.

Once again LULU have a criteria for the BOOK COVER.  This is where you will USE A DIFFERENT FILE – as shown below. Or you can accept this image and proceed to building your own cover.

Since you have clicked ‘Use a different file’ this new box will appear asking you to either upload your cover from your computer or browse the LULU GALLERY.  When you upload your own file make sure the sizing is correct or….

Before the ‘OR’   The file will upload the same way as the manuscript did…One the bar has finished loading you will be asked to ACCEPT or TRY AGAIN due to sizing requirements.

As show here…The first time I uploaded my BOOK COVER the requirements weren’t met, meaning they rejected my file asking me to alter it and upload it again.

Once the BOOK COVER file meets their criteria you will see the image – like shown below. Now you can ACCEPT the file and move on to the next stage.

Now you can see your cover you will need to click on TEXT. If you have a ready-made cover you will need to take out the TITLE and AUTHOR information as shown below.

If you have built your cover here then you can now edit your TITLE & AUTHOR name, give them the font, size and colour you wish them to have.

Once you have done, click SAVE and CONTINUE to go to the next stage.

You’ve nearly finished now. Unlike Kindle, Createspace & Draft to Digital where you describe your project at the beginning. With LULU you do this towards the end

Fill in the blanks. On my children’s book this is what I choose to go with. You can change this at any stage.

My children’s story is all about adventures in the Insect world in a Country Garden. It is suitable for ages 3 upwards though parents, grandparents, siblings etc would need to read to the younger children.

Fill in the description which you would usually find on the back of a PRINT Book. This will show on your AUTHOR PAGE and in the LULU Shop. I choose the Standard Copyright License though there are quite a few you can look through and choose from.



Make sure your LULU website is in the country where you live. Then pick the price and how much royalty you wish to make. Tick the boxes you need and hit REVIEW PROJECT. 

Next is the eBook Distribution Terms and Condition. Read them and ACCEPT if you wish to publish.

The next slide shows your REVENUE excl taxes. Once you are satisfied you have what you wish go to the last TAB – SAVE and FINISH.



This is all from me for now. I hope it helps.  I will be making a post on how the HEADINGS work next week. Meanwhile enjoy the read and please SHARE.

Book Marketing and Publicity Is Not About Book Sales

This Blog post originates from the below link. To find out more,

please go have a look.


Book sales. A lot of authors live and die by these two words and yes, they’re important but when it comes to book marketing, they aren’t the only thing that matters. And while it’s not a bad thing to focus on book sales, it shouldn’t be your only measurement of success.

Book marketing and publicity is about relationships, creating them, building them, and fostering them. But it’s also about taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, or growing something into an opportunity to gain more exposure and sell more books.

Think of your campaign as building blocks or bricks. One thing builds on another and on another to create a campaign that isn’t just gaining you exposure, but book sales as well. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Book marketing isn’t about book sales! Here’s what it is about! via @bookgal #authortips…

Will I sell more books if I’m on Radio or TV? How many?
Authors love media, often because there’s a correlation between media and big book sales. But is that accurate?

It’s hard to know what kind of book sales your media appearances will generate. I’ve known authors to go on major shows (such as Oprah) and sell less than 100 books from that appearance. Media opportunities are always this starry-eyed goal, because most authors assume that media = sales but this isn’t always true. Sometimes media = opportunity and in every case, media is a great way to build your resume. If this all sounds boring, stick with me, because we’ll get to how to sell more books in a minute. (Not sure if you’re ready for big media? I can help you!)

On any given day, and during any campaign an author may run, book sales depend on a great many things. Not the least of which is:

A great book cover
A great book

Your message (what you say during the interview, blogger interview or TV appearance)
How easily can readers get your book (spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be in bookstores!)
So with this in mind, selling books is about more than media, although media can be a good strategy. Solid book marketing and publicity may lead to media, which in turn can create more opportunities and lend you credibility for future efforts.

So, What’s the Secret to Book Sales?

For a book to sell well, it needs to be seen multiple times by your audience. So, one interview on NPR may get your sales rank on Amazon kicking up, but it won’t stay there. However, that interview can present some other, great opportunities if you’re willing to dig deeper.

I’d never discourage an author from seeking media, but make sure you’re looking at media for the right reasons – and sales shouldn’t be one of them. So what should it be: opportunity. Maybe the opportunity to be a return guest, to do more with the show or publication, or maybe it’s just the opportunity a media interview presents to go after larger media.

The more you can do, in a focused way, for your book, the better it will do overall. Let me explain that. So let’s say you’re doing a lot of local media and feel like you’re ready for the big time. Your book sales may be good, but you feel they could be better. Certainly, the exposure couldn’t hurt. If you’ve done a lot of regional media, it’s likely that you’re ready to go into the national markets. Media loves media so the more media you do, the more you’ll get. Remember: building blocks.

Or, let’s leave media for a minute and go to something else like speaking. What if you have big dreams of being on stage, giving a well-paid keynote speech or just getting on the speaking circuit. If you have no experience in speaking, maybe starting in your hometown is a solid plan, to get your feet wet, hone your skills, and in the process, build your mailing list.

Good marketing and publicity campaigns aren’t about just one thing. They are also about seeking opportunity and building on what’s presented. Sometimes it means creating your own opportunities.

And it’s also about saying yes more often than you say no.

While it’s fine to turn down things that aren’t right for you, you should never turn down something just because you feel it’s “too small.” You never know where an opportunity like that could lead you. And it might just help you sell more books. Or even lead to something bigger!

Successful authors say yes more than they say no! via @bookgal #bookmarketing #authortips

Finding the Right Exposure for your Book

The best campaigns are the right ones for your book. Maybe this sounds like a no-brainer. But I can’t tell you how many times I talk to authors who do stuff “because they think it’s the right thing to do.” They don’t always think about whether it’s right for their book and audience. And if you’re not doing the right things, you won’t sell more books. You might see a small bump in sales, but it won’t move the needle far.

A good example of this is fiction, in particular genre fiction. I love marketing genre fiction but I will rarely ever promise an author big, national media for this. I find that most authors get that. Unless you’re already a big household name, national media is probably a wasted effort for you. Why not spend your time elsewhere?

In almost every case, reader connections are key to selling more books and, in particular this is true for genre fiction. So instead of building your campaign on a set of unrealistic goals, spend your time on marketing efforts that will actually reach your reader: reviews on Amazon, blogger reviews, eBook promos, Goodreads giveaways, etc. You get the idea.

Now where’s the opportunity, you say? Well, as you build relationships with readers and bloggers, you are also building opportunity. You’re building a chance for a future feature, review or maybe a guest blog post.

So finding the right exposure is key. Then building on that exposure to create relationships will help you sell more books.

Do you know how to find the right opportunities for your book? via @bookgal #bookmarketing…

Every Opportunity Builds on Every Opportunity

Every single thing you do, every “win” you get should be viewed as an opportunity. And in some cases, that opportunity may be to just foster a relationship with a blogger. Whatever it is, finding the opportunity in each of your marketing and publicity strategies will help you keep building towards better book sales.

We had an author once who hated the Internet. He was older and refused to do a website, social media, any of it. I finally talked him into the website and encouraged him to start blogging. His blogs were thoughtful, interesting, and insightful. He was clearly out to help his reader.

When Entrepreneur Magazine asked to interview him, he took it a step further with them and asked if they ever considered letting non-magazine staff blog on their site. As it turns out they did. He started blogging for them, which was a phenomenal opportunity that came out of one, simple interview. It’s also interesting to note that the interview in and of itself didn’t net a lot of book sales, but his ongoing exposure with them did, ultimately, sell more books.

Book marketing opportunities build on each other, here’s how to create yours! via @bookgal…

Putting it all Together

What happens when you view your book marketing and publicity as opportunity is that it doesn’t just create one impression, but multiple opportunities for exposure. And, remember what I said earlier? Exposure is key to book sales.

Now, this won’t happen every single time. I mean not every media interview or blogger review will turn into multiple features. But maybe there’s something else that came come out of it. As I said: media draws media and the same goes for bloggers.

Each and every opportunity is a chance to build into something bigger. And each opportunity should be grabbed, appreciated, and responded to. You never know what additional doors will open as a result.

And, you need to remember that in the end, publishing is a business. Writing books is a business. Every chance you get to expand your reach, to grow your visibility, will aid in your growth and efforts to sell more books.

I had an author tell me once that her secret to success was responding to every single reader email she got. Even ones that weren’t the most favorable about her book. And as a genre fiction author, this makes sense. Because that reader connection is vital. But moreover, it was the opportunity she created, each time she took five minutes to write back a reader, thank them for writing and asking if she could add them to her mailing list. She laid the foundation for her success and her book sales.

Your own success as an author will come from a variety of different marketing and publicity strategies for exposure. Just remember to really work each exposure you get. It will make a difference and help you sell more books!

Good luck!


3 Book Promotion Ideas (That Nobody Is Talking About)
Mar 9, 2018 | Marketing, My friends’ Guest Posts

Chris Naish | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children’s bookThis is a guest post by Chris Naish of NoHatDigital. Chris is a social media/SEO wizard and self-published author who likes learning new things and tinkering with stuff on interwebs. He also blogs now and again at his site ThinkClickRich.com and writes books with proper England grammar when the mood takes him.

3 Book Promotion Ideas (That Nobody Is Talking About)
I know you probably know all the basic stuff, so I want to provide you with book promotion ideas that you likely have not heard before. Here we go:

Thunderclap is a service that allows you to get all of your supporters behind you on launch day. They sign up and grant Thunderclap access to post a message about your book launch the day it goes live. All of these tweets and Facebook likes to go out the same time so that you are literally everywhere on your launch day.

If you want to make sure you get even more eyes on your legion of tweets, be sure to visit Hashtagify.me and include a couple of popular ‘hashtags’ in the message that is going out.

In the image below you’ll see that with this particular thunderclap we got almost 2000 clicks to a free book. While there is no way of knowing how many of those actually downloaded the book, you can bet it was a fair few!

Finally, this is free. but only if you reach 100 supporters. This is hard work, no doubt about it, but worth your time. If you can hire somebody to do outreach to people in your industry/niche on your behalf it will, of course, make this a lot less painless.

Kindle Categories
Internet Business Insights by Chris Naish | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children’s book
Chris’ book. Click to view on Amazon

Nicholas has written in the past about the importance of Amazon categories. As everyone says, make sure you select the best, most relevant categories for your book.

Well, forget that!

Select EVERY relevant category for your book!

It’s a little-known secret that you can actually add your Kindle book to up to ten categories. Identify them in advance of your launch day and, as soon as the book is live, message KDP from the dashboard (the contact link is in tiny text at the bottom) and tell them to place you into the other eight categories you have identified. Use the exact category path in your request, like so:

Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Business & Money > Management & Leadership > Total Quality Management

Be sure to go to the deepest level possible as this will result in more eyes on your book, and a greater chance to rank highly in these deeper categories. This article will help with deep category selection.

This is one is in beta, and something I wish I had thought of prior to publishing my last book. As far as I can see, nobody is really talking about this… at least not in public!

Now, I’m not talking about the seven keywords you get to enter in the back end of KDP here. I’m talking about getting Google to start selling your book for you. This involves doing some in-depth keyword research so be prepared to do some schoolin’ on the subject.

This may not work so well for fiction books, so the non-fiction crowd here will probably appreciate it more. The idea is to include a keyword in your title that is highly searched in both Google and the Kindle store. As an example, do this:

Go to Google.com and type in “adult coloring books”
Go to searchvolume.io and type in the same phrase
At position one (at time of writing) on Google, you will find this book.

At searchvolume.io you will see that there are somewhere in the range of 246,000 searches for this keyword per month.

Now check the best sellers ranking for that book on Amazon. Not bad huh?

Book Promotion Ideas | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children’s book

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that you will rank first in Google just because you bang a keyword in the title. Some linking from other sites with relevant anchor text will help that book to rank for that keyword. Hmm… let me think of a good example…

OK, let’s say you write a book about online business and you think it is one of the best digital marketing books out there. You might create a link like the last one, in an effort to let Google know that is a vote for that search term.

The great thing about this is that Amazon is such a powerful and trusted website, that ranking your book for a highly relevant keyword should be much easier than on any ‘normal’ site.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you found the book promotion ideas interesting. If you have any questions then holler below and I’ll see if I can’t help you out!

Createspace – Closing their Professional Services. Is this another step to closing their business?

WE all know I don’t like Createspace anymore due to their Customer Service debacle and how they treat their customers. They are so not with it. I’m glad to get out now rather than when they close their business down for good…To me this is what it looks like and I’ll tell you why.

I have worked in several businesses which have closed down and slowly but surely they get rid of things they no longer need. If your observant enough…you notice and it makes you wonder. Are they closing? Is this why customer service is so bad? Do they really want to work with Indie Authors or are they just money hungry and we’re not bring in enough profit for them anymore?  

If I follow my instinct the first thing Amazon rolled out was print on KDP!  Why did they do this?  Createspace was excellent at the time and I loved using their website.  From authors around the world I heard scathing comments about KDP Print and how bad they were, rejecting book covers continually. One author had her cover rejected 37 times where as on Createspace it was accepted straight away.  I decided to stay away. I hated the thought of even trying to use them at that stage.

Then suddenly I was having issues with Createspace. Their customer service was all over the place, moving from one to another person, not reading emails, getting things wrong…totally incompetent. In my company they would be reprimanded and given training to upgrade their skill set.  Then it was the turn of the ordering area of Createspace.  Books disappearing, Tracking number telling authors their books were going somewhere else. They couldn’t even tell the difference between the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Astounding mess. Though this one incident had a happy conclusion in the end nearly five months later. I know for a fact this author won’t order though Createspace again.  

Next it ws Copyright Permission. Their policies stated you’re only allowed to upload documents you own or have copyright permission of.  Yes there have been a hell of a lot of stolen manuscripts out there, however there are many ways this is done and most have nothing to do with Createspace.  So here they are demanding proof…Something new they’d never asked before.  If you know your business law (mine was New Zealand) then you can’t share private and confidential information with another party without permission from the person it involves.  I never have and never will share contracts, emails or anything else without permission.  Saying no to Createspace turned them into …well i’m not sure what. On top of this the book was published as an ebook and is for sale on Amazon, but they wouldn’t publish the paperback.  Guess who went to LULU.  They’ve been excellent by the way.

What else can happen?  Oh yes PERMA FREE.  Due to all the fuss I stopped uploading to KDP and started to use Pronoun – who we all know closed this month.  With Pronoun you could make a book FREE and no problems.  I wish they hadn’t closed.  Then Draft to Digital had distribution rights to send to Amazon, however, in their deal you couldn’t mark a book as FREE.  So I did the usual request and the second time they said no because it wasn’t uploaded to KDP only distributed. (They accepted the first…meaning they can’t even get this right)  They told me to contact D2D and get them to send a request. I’m sure this is more work which D2D don’t really want!  Much to my joy they did so but, I can still see a price on it on Amazon.  Though this could be me having a New Zealand Account.

Now the reason for this blog.  Createspace are no longer going to be offering professional services to authors.  They don’t wish to work one on one with you. No Book Cover Design, No Marketing and No Editing (I didn’t know they offered Editing.)  This info comes from a friend I sometimes work with. The original blog was from Book Baby who like me offer all the service to Indie Authors. They found the information in a newspaper in the USA/


If you do need services for Editing, Cover Design, Formatting and some Marketing (I’m looking at taking a course in Marketing this year) Then please consider using Plaisted Publishing House. We love working one on one.