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Partner in Crime Book Services

I’d like to introduce you to one of my Contractors for Editing. Partners In Crime Book Services. They do a lot more than Editing, and they are excellent with their work. What they do shows a top business you can trust, it highlights a wonderful Mother and Daughter team.

Partners in Crime Book Services is a family-owned and operated small business, run by longtime promoter Annie Smith and her daughter, USA Today bestselling author Lily Luchesi.

Founded in 2019, PIC has grown from promotion to offering a myriad of services for authors and publishers, including:

The aforementioned book promotion (which includes blog posts, groups, pages, and Twitter)

Editing (proofing, developmental, and line included for a single price)


Graphic design (covers, banners, teasers, and logos)

Newsletter management

Social media management (Facebook pages and groups as well as Twitter)

Facebook event management

Giveaway management

ARC reader management

And special bundles for new releases or publishing packages.

One could say PIC was formed back in the 1970s when Annie and her late mother would promote musicians. Her mother, Mary, founded the first fan club for The Black Crowes, alongside another fan, when they were starting out in the industry. From there, the two women did local PR in Chicago and West Hollywood for bands such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, Cinderella, Poison, RATT, Enuff Z’Nuff, and more.

Annie also ran Aerosmith’s fan club; her job was drawing and making up the puzzles for their newsletter, which was some of the earliest newsletter marketing.

Promotion ceased in the early 1990s when Annie had her daughter. Then it picked back up with a new crop of bands beginning in 2005, with bands like My Chemical Romance, The Used, Aiden, Kill Hannah, Vampires Everywhere!, New Years Day, Falling in Reverse, Street Drum Corps, and Stitched Up Heart, Pretty Awkward, as well as others.

Annie and Lily were first on board with Hollywood Waste Records, an imprint of Century Media Records, as their Trainwrecks (the name of their street team). After a few active and entertaining years in the music scene, the duo took a break as Lily began to focus on her writing career.

Applying what she knew firsthand and from Annie’s past, Lily took to marketing her books right away, using Annie as an unofficial PA to find readers across all forms of social media, as well as ARC readers and street team members.

With advice taken from others who were in the industry longer than she, Lily began learning newer marketing techniques, such as Facebook events and newsletter swaps, and how to brand herself as an author. She also began teaching herself graphic design to create teasers eye-catching enough to garner reader attention online.

In 2011, while still working in the music industry, Lily also ran a successful book blog under her birth name, and via those reviews, she built a rapport with authors, even giving advice on their ARCs and how to improve them. That was how she began editing when one of them asked her if she would look over his short story before publication.

Lily edited for three years before quitting to focus solely on her books and improve her craft, as well as did blurb doctoring and critique.

In 2019, during a time of personal change in their lives, it was brought to Annie and Lily’s attention that they could begin offering their services for a fee to authors in need. From there, Partners in Crime Book Services began to blossom. (The name for the company came from Carson Cole Allen a musician in the bands Escape the Fate and Me Vs. Myself, when he called them partners in crime while they were doing music promo.)

Their first clients came from Lily’s former publisher, and from there the business grew and grew, taking off from extremely humble beginnings to garnering clients from around the world, in various genres and with varying needs.

The duo love what they do; seeing their clients succeed brings them joy beyond words.

Find PIC online via:

 Facebook – Partners in Crime

Website: Website – Partners in Crime

Twitter: Annie Smith, PA

Build Book Buzz – Reblogged How to Promote your Audiobook


How to promote your audiobook

Today’s article is an epic, 2,000-word conversation with Karen Commins, a professional audiobook narrator and Audible Approved Producer in Atlanta who has given voice to more than 50 audiobooks, including ROAD TO TARA: THE LIFE OF MARGARET MITCHELL by Anne Edwards. Karen has completed extensive specialized training in voiceover and audiobook narration technique, as well as in digital audio production. She has written numerous articles that educate authors about audiobook production and promotion for Digital Book World, InD’tale Magazine, and the Audiobook Creation Exchange blog. Learn more about Karen, listen to audio narration samples, and watch her helpful videos for authors on her website.

Karen loaded our conversation with plenty of links to more helpful information and resources, so be sure to click through on them so you don’t miss anything.

How to promote your audiobook

Pour a cup of coffee . . . make a cup of tea . . . and prepare to learn about how to promote your audiobook. The questions are mine; the answers are Karen Commins’s.

What makes promoting audiobooks different from promoting books in other formats?

Karen Commins

In my view, the biggest obstacle to audiobook promotion is the fact that the majority of people still haven’t actually listened to one!

Persuading someone to try a new format can be a tough sell because a recent Pew Research Center study revealed:

  • The typical American reads only four books of any format in the past year.
  • While audiobook consumption has increased significantly in recent years, only 18 percent of American adults say they listened to an audiobook in the past 12 months.

Active readers and even authors commonly list one or more of these three reasons for not listening to books:

  1. They fear the narrator might be boring, like a droning teacher in school.
  2. They think they need a special player for listening.
  3. Listening to books is perceived as being lazy or cheating.

I offer these points to counter those objections:

Regarding narrators: You can listen to the narrator sample before you commit to listening to the whole book. With several hundred thousand audiobooks available in all genres, you’re sure to find someone whom you want to tell you a story. 

About playback devices: Gone are the days of special players! Audiobooks now can be played on any smart phone, tablet, or computer. As a result, audiobooks have become mainstream entertainment enjoyed by millions of people.

Cheating concerns: Clinical psychologist Daniel Willingham concluded that your brain processes information the same way regardless whether you read or heard it. Rather than being a negative experience like cheating, hearing the oral version of the story adds enormous value to the text because:

  • The listener enjoys the musicality and emotion in the language.
  • One’s listening and concentration skills improve.
  • A person absorbs the author’s words and message while doing something else – audiobooks are a multi-tasker’s best friend!
  • Language skills and/or subject retention can be strengthened by listening while reading along with the print book.

What’s the first step you take when you start to promote an audiobook? 

I look up the book on Amazon to see if the audiobook edition is listed on the book’s page. I’ll explain why shortly.

If I find the audiobook is shown on an orphaned page (it’s not included with the other book’s formats), I send an email to KDP-support@amazon.com to request that the editions be combined. I include the links to the Amazon pages for both the audiobook and the Kindle and other editions.

Note how all three editions are listed together — including the audiobook.

The audiobook must be paired with the other editions on Amazon for three inter-related reasons.

First, some people buy audiobooks exclusively. If they are looking for the book, they will see the audio edition is available on the same page.

Second, the editions need to be connected before the audiobook can be a candidate for the Whispersync technology created by Audible and Amazon. Whispersync synchronizes between the Audible audiobook and the Kindle e-book so that you can effortlessly switch between them. You could read the e-book in your house and then listen to the audiobook in the car starting right where you left the story! I created this 3:04 video to demonstrate how Whispersync works.

Finally, once Whispersync is enabled on your audiobook, people can purchase the audiobook for a reduced price once they buy the Kindle e-book. If you run an e-book sale, and especially if BookBub lists your book as a Featured Deal, you could see a major uptick in related audiobook sales!

I listed additional preliminary marketing steps that I take in my Evernote Publicity Template. If you’re an Evernote user, you can save this note to your notebooks.