For many years I have had stories bounding about in my head.  I started writing them for my own amusement and to ensure I did not forget these funny, strange, peculiar people and events. As the file grew larger I began thinking about publishing as I was sure there must be people out there with similarly warped minds as mine.

My first attempts were by sending sample manuscripts to well-known publishers.   These were universally rejected.   From the ‘advice’ in several rejection letters it was abundantly clear that they had not even read my humble offerings.    So I withdrew into my shell and continued writing, but only for my own amusement.

Then one day I found a newspaper article about Claire Plaisted and her business “Plaisted Publishing House”.   Claire had found the way to have her own books published without requiring a mortgage on the house.    

Since then she has helped and advised me and several others to have their books published internationally.  I am most grateful to Claire, without her I would have no book.

Bernard Commons – Author