Purely as a hobby I have been writing for more than ten years.  I write not as a means to make a living, I do it as many, many others do, because I want to, because I can. 

Mainly fiction, my stories become personal so I don’t take rejection perhaps as well as I should. Over the years I have had many rejections, too many in fact….’unsuitable’ is a favoured description.   I put pen to paper for the sheer joy of writing, I’m just fed up with what I considered to be a rather supercilious attitude of some publishers, so after all the years of rejection, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, namely Plaisted Publications in Rotorua.

They took me under their wing guiding me in unchartered waters with suggestions, recommendations, steering me clear of pit falls.  (Sorry about the mixed metaphors!)  Claire Plaisted and her company have helped me immensely, and still are, with publishing my stories.  Without Plaisted Publishing I would still be scribbling away to myself.

Bob Sutton – Author