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Plaisted Publishing House works with you and your manuscript to turn it into digital and paperback formats, with Small Independent Professional Contractors in Interior Book Design, Editing and Graphic Designs. We also offer tutoring on how to open distribution accounts with KDP, LULU, Draft to Digital, Google Books, Smashwords, etc. as well as how to upload your work to those sites.

We would love to be your Partner in your Publishing process.

About Plaisted Publishing

Plaisted Publishing House was established in May 2014 and registered as a company on 31st July 2014.

Established as a limited company in 2014, Plaisted Publishing House Ltd began to assist Independent Authors from around the world. They also offer Family History Researchers packaged to turn their research into books for gifts or family reunions.


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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Once in a while, you come across a company or person who is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in all respects… I found Plaisted Publishing House by chance, and from the moment I was in touch with Claire, I knew I had hit the jackpot.
Claire is incredibly talented, creative, attentive and old school in the way she really cares and puts so much time and energy into your project – no matter how big or small. The publishing process can be quite complex – and Claire walked me through each phase, step by step – until the book was completed. Claire also has a great sense of humour – which meant I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, we had a few laughs along the way, and I was so excited about the end product.
Plaisted Publishing House comes very highly recommended – and I have no doubt in my mind that this is not the last time I will be working with Claire. Thanks Claire so much.


Personal Assistant to International Health Director at St John of God Health Care

Ms. Plaisted walked through the entire process of editing, formatting and uploading my book, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with courtesy, vast patience and skill. Once begun, the process went much more rapidly than I could have imagined. Through all my quirky changes to text and layout, she was unfailingly courteous. ?The end product was a book of which I am proud. It looks good. The internal layout, cover and back page all are professionally done. The artist with whom she works made a professional-quality image.
I highly recommend Ms. Plaisted and her team to anyone who needs assistance dealing with electronic or print-on-demand book outlets. She will give your book a finished look, suitable for bookstore sales. Her prices are reasonable and well within most author’s budgets. Try out her services. I think you will agree that they are very competitive and give good value for the money.


Love how much dedication Plaisted Publishing House puts into their work. Would definitely recommend them and for sure will use them again in the future.


A wonderful and very professional service! I’m very thankful to Plaisted Publishing House, for their exceptional work in helping me get my first book published!! Thank you!


Claire was fantastic to work with! Her dedication, quality, and service goes above and beyond phenomenal. One of my stories was accepted into The Ghostly Writes Valentine’s Anthology 2017, and when I received a hard copy of it, it looked great! Thank you, Claire and Plaisted Publishing House, I look forward to working with you again. You are an amazing company to work with!


It was great working with Plaisted Publishing House. They went above and beyond to help me. It was fantastic working with them. I highly recommend their services. You get great formatting, professional services, and a wonderful cover made for you.



I am so happy I found Claire and had a chance to work with her. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, she is very helpful and patience and she kept making amends to my book tirelessly. She is very fast and efficient and I never had to wait long to receive the formatted files. Now my book is published on amazon and im forever grateful for her help and hard work. I will recommend her to everyone and I cant wait to work with her again on my future books.


Children’s Author

I was real struggling for weeks with uploading my book on KDP when I found Claire on LinkedIn. She was not only very friendly but she sorted my problem in no time and was always there if I had any questions. I can not recommend her highly enough.
My learning in this process was, stick to what you’re good at and give up things you are struggling with. It saves you a lot of time which you could spend being far more productive. Thank you so much Claire, thanks to you my book is finally out.


Mindset Mentor & Nutritional Therapist

Purely as a hobby, I have been writing for more than ten years. I write not as a means to make a living, I do it as many, many others do, because I want to, because I can.
Mainly fiction, my stories become personal so I don’t take rejection perhaps as well as I should. Over the years I have had many rejections, too many in fact….’ unsuitable’ is a favoured description. I put pen to paper for the sheer joy of writing, I’m just fed up with what I considered to be a rather supercilious attitude of some publishers, so after all the years of rejection, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, namely Plaisted Publications in Rotorua.
They took me under their wing guiding me in unchartered waters with suggestions, recommendations, steering me clear of pitfalls. (Sorry about the mixed metaphors!) Claire Plaisted and her company have helped me immensely, and still are, with publishing my stories. Without Plaisted Publishing I would still be scribbling away to myself.



For many years I have had stories bounding about in my head. I started writing them for my own amusement and to ensure I did not forget these funny, strange, peculiar people and events. As the file grew larger I began thinking about publishing as I was sure there must be people out there with similarly warped minds as mine.
My first attempts were by sending sample manuscripts to well-known publishers. These were universally rejected. From the ‘advice’ in several rejection letters, it was abundantly clear that they had not even read my humble offerings. So I withdrew into my shell and continued writing, but only for my own amusement.
Then one day I found a newspaper article about Claire Plaisted and her business “Plaisted Publishing House”. Claire had found the way to have her own books published without requiring a mortgage on the house.
Since then she has helped and advised me and several others to have their books published internationally. I am most grateful to Claire, without her, I would have no book.



Plaisted Publishing House is a fantastic publishing company to work with; I used them to have my poetry book formatted into e-book and print, having not needed anything else and not only are they fantastic but quick, friendly and dedicated to their work. I have also had some of my poetry in their Ghostly Writes Anthologies and was delighted to receive my hard copy when it was published. I really appreciate the work they did for me and will definitely recommend them to other authors!


Wonderful publisher to be associated with. I’ve been included in two anthologies – one an award-winning anthology – and it has been a great pleasure to write for such a professional as Claire. Many congrats on 3 years in publishing. Long may you continue.


Without being sponsored for Defying Darkness, my debut novel, I would not be published today. Claire took me under her wing and did all the technical things so all I had to worry about was the artistic parts of writing.


OMG, Claire is wicked awesome! So helpful and friendly, a definite must!


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