Palmerston North, New Zealand

Family History Research

At Plaisted Publishing House we also offer RESEARCH into your family history, generally from your Grandparents back, due to limitations on privacy.

We have twenty-one years experience, researching the old fashioned way as well as learning the technological ropes over the years. It is amazing what you can find out there IF you know how and where to look for information. From this research we are also able to offer you a file which can be printed off as a book, be it with a local printer were you live or uploaded onto a distribution website such as LULU, where your files remain private

Our prices range depending on what your needs are. CONTACT us for more details. Below are images of the books we produce for you to view. Most are spiral bound however, we have one which is Perfect Bound.

Plaisteds of North WiltsThe Plaisted Family of North Wilts by Arthur H Plaisted was printed in 1939 for family members. We think about 250 were originally printed.  All the work in this book is wonderful to read, and though some is incorrect or inaccurate due to thoughts and how research was done in the 1930. Nobody can really fault this gentleman for such a wonderful book. He even left other notes for future Plaisted generations, who are — today all over the world.

We reformatted the book which family members can now obtain at print cost so the genealogy can continue into the future and the book can be updated by those who are interested.

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