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Month: September 2016

Indie Editing & Local Book Stores

Bashed after professional editing and no it wasn’t by my excellant Editor.  It seems to get a book into a bookstore your book has to be perfect if you are an Indie Author – never mind the bloody Traditional Published books which nearly always have one or two errors in them. The Bookstore owners sure…
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Human Writing or…

Yesterday I was introduced to a topic from a post on Facebook which I had never honestly thought about before.  Writing in a certain culture, heritage or colour.  Weird.  I had never thought I couldn’t or shouldn’t write as a black or asian man or woman or anything else for that matter.  In fact the…
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October Book Blog

A great blog to read with up and coming books including Ghostly Writes Anthology – Presented by Plaisted Publishing House

Ghostly Writes Anthology -Coming Soon

We are on a roll.  The group is growing in leaps and bounds.  Together we have created a friendly group of authors, many who I am getting to know for the first time.    We are all sharing our skills with each other, be it editing, art or even teasers fro promotion.  I have been…
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Bubba Tails From The Campbell Kingdom: the King Speaks

An important message from King Campbell and how to respect those who have Guide Dogs of any kind.

Meet Claire Plaisted – Author & Publisher

Author and Publisher, Claire Plaisted Interview Source: Meet Claire Plaisted – Author & Publisher

The Summer Indie Book Awards 2016

I am proud to announce we have several clients who have been nominated for awards in 2016.  They are all excellent books and I wish all my clients the best of look in the voting which starts n the 1st September 2016. The nominations are W J Lockie – WETA – The Insect Wars –…
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