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Month: August 2020

WordPress Owners: Please Read

HATE it with a vengeance… It’s bloody awful. I’m in my fifties…I’m a designer and like having control of my blogging. You lose it big time with BLOCK EDITOR… I also work with visually impaired bloggers, this mean’s my work now takes twice as long… ANNOYING… In fact, I’ve not posted since it was forced…
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What You Should Do Now That WordPress Have Officially Retired The Classic Editor

I hate the block editing and may have to find another way to have a website. WIX anyone…

Your Words or Your Editor’s? – by Jim Dempsey…

Your words or your editors, by Jim Dempsey

Which genre, which market???

Which genre and which market?

Nero and the Bread Bombs

Nero and the Bread Bombs

Nero the ‘SPLAT’ Cat

SPLAT CAT…Crazy Nero.