Palmerston North, New Zealand

Month: July 2016

The Wheels keep Turning

In I few days I will be celebrating the start of my third year in Publishing.  I am astounded at the progress I have made, the friends I have met, the clients I have worked with. It has been a truely amazing journey. I have worked with 70 clients in the past two years.  Over…
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Gwendolyn Kiste – URL Links

I see many authors and PAs get tossed into what has now been called Facebook Jail, where they get banned for a certain length of time for posting to fast, to frequently or in to many groups at once – or so it seems. On Amazon authors are losing reviews due to  “You know the…
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Thank you Stephanie.

I have had a dip in my life – there again don’t we all – and the following day I recieved a thank you card from the USA.  Totally shocked and happy.  It sure made my day and restores my faith in the kindness of people who uplift others – just when they need- smileing…
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Indie Publishing News – Update

Hello everyone Issue 4 of the Indie Publishing News is due out on 10th of August.  It will be a tad different.  This time along with the usual I will be highlighting andhelping to teach you all about Service Animals, in particular Service Dogs.  If anyone has any other Service Animals with stories I would…
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What type of Reader are you?

We all read books, be them eBooks or printed.  As the Indie Author community continues to grow, the reviews for what Readers read are even more necessary.  So what sort of reader are you? What do you look for? What annoys you? What makes a story awesome? I love to read for the story.  There…
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Thank You

Thank You  A big thank you to Michelle Diana Lowe for nominating me for The Liebster Award. Here are my answers to her 11 questions: 1) How long ago did you start blogging? I first started blogging on Blogger probably around 2010 as a Family History Researcher.  I moved over to WordPress as an author and…
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Author Events and what they do or don’t do

Author Events on Facebook…Are they worth it? Is it good marketing? What type of Author Events work the best? I don’t actually know the real answer, though I can tell you what I have seen and how things seem to me. First – The easy part is making an event, putting up a description and…
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Sharing Marketing via Videos

Looking for a Book Trailer Video or a Marketing Video then please touch base with us and we will show you the way to getting the exact video you want.  Plaisted Publishing House has so much to offer to Authors and Indie Businesses. So take a look and leave us some feed back. We are…
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Debut Author J C Christian

Introducing Debut Author – J C Christian Tell us a bit about yourself. I live in Nebraska with my husband David. For the past 20 years, I’ve been a practicing social worker. Many of the clients I have worked over the years are survivors of physical and/or sexual abuse in childhood. I understand all too…
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Girlie and the War of the Wasps – Posts for Brain to Books Takeover, 1st July 2016

Hello welcome to my author take over.  My name is Claire Plaisted. I am an Indie Author and also run Plaisted Publishing House for Indie Authors. I am the author of an up-coming Children’s Book Series. Girlie and the war of the Wasps is the first book in my Children’s Charity book series. The idea…
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