Palmerston North, New Zealand

Month: December 2016

Business Reflections of 2016

Reflections of the past twelve months. What have we done. The highs and lows. The requests and even the chat.   I have met some amazing people over the last twelve months. Many who have helped to improve my love of learning, friendship, sisterhood and much more. With business growing I find it is now…
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Who do you Market?

After an interesting discussion with a local bookstore owner, I started to wonder a bit more about MARKETING.  Who or what are we MARKETING.  The books we write or our author names.  Think about it for a moment.  Big business sell their product because the consumer likes their name. It attracts attention. Next they do…
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Three Writing Rules That Are Kinda Dumb

My pet hate was always – American’s tend to say Leaned and Drugged – rather than Leant and Dragged…It confused me for ages…lol

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends, be it in Winter or Summer – (still find a Summer Christmas is weird). Thank you to all my clients for your support over the last year. Thank you to all those who are following me on here,…
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Roving Reporter and Guest Blogs

Indie Publishing News Magazine is looking for VOLUNTEER Roving Reporters who would like to submit articles which are Educational, Informative or Short Stories  etc.   All submissions must have something to do with the Indie Book World be it Editing, or anything else.  All you need to do is sign up for the Group on…
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10 Things I’ve Learned From Self-Publishing

It is a huge learning curve to become an Indie Author, it isn’t easy or kind at times. The best part is holding your book in your hand and knowing you got there. Antoehr great blog thanks 🙂

EDITING 101: 16 – Homonyms, Homographs, and Homophones…

The same word spelt different and with a different meaning. The two i tend to get wrong are Being & Been as well as There & Their…

FREE Books – Hell No

Seriously would you ask a plumber to do some work in your house and not pay them, would you tell a cashier their goods aren’t worth paying for. Then don’t ask an author for a FREE Book.  Seriously, that is just lame. Do you know how much time and money goes into producing a book…
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Llandeilo X-Mas Book Fair in Pictures and Review

The Welsh sure know how to put on a good show. The people of Llandeilo must be proud of their artists. I do wish other towns would follow suit world wide.

Are You Tracking?

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