SCAM ALERT – Paperbacks

UPDATED TODAY! Createspace contacted me this morning.  Apparently it is an ERROR and would take up to two days to amend.  It took them two hours at most.  I replied stating along the lines that they had a very large so called ERROR on their hands since I have evidence

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My royalty dropped?

Talk about angry and confused.  I am still waiting to hear what Amazon is up to.    Well it seems they have a legal out.  Your customer can buy from Amazon.com where your Royalty is 70% however if the said customer doesn’t live in one of those countries listed under

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Celebrating Two Years

Two years in business – well I nearly missed this one.  Thank you to those on LinkedIn who reminded me, also thank you for the congratulations. Since then I have made this banner to put it across my social media, after all there are many businesses who don’t reach this

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