Palmerston North, New Zealand

Month: May 2016

SCAM ALERT – Paperbacks

UPDATED TODAY! Createspace contacted me this morning.  Apparently it is an ERROR and would take up to two days to amend.  It took them two hours at most.  I replied stating along the lines that they had a very large so called ERROR on their hands since I have evidence of at least 6 –…
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My royalty dropped?

Talk about angry and confused.  I am still waiting to hear what Amazon is up to.    Well it seems they have a legal out.  Your customer can buy from Amazon.com where your Royalty is 70% however if the said customer doesn’t live in one of those countries listed under 70% then you get 35%…
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Introducing Catherine Schythe

Australian author Catherine Schythe is about to release her first short story in eBook and Print. Catherine’s first book is a memoir based on the true story of her husbands life and what happened to him over thirty years ago.  He is lucky to have survived, as thousands didn’t. “In the Time of the Iron…
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New Client – New Release.

Plaisted Publishing House is proud to announce Catherine Schythe has released her first short story called ‘In the Time of the iron Fist.’  Part one of a story about her husband and his life back in Chile. BUY LINK In the Time of the Iron Fist

70% Royalty Payments…Really?

Well I do hope this is not a shock to they system for Indie Authors.  However, did you know you don’t actually get 70% off Amazon or any of the other stores for that matter. Especially after they have deducted their share. On Kindle is you can pick your level of royalty.  Obviously most will…
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Celebrating Two Years

Two years in business – well I nearly missed this one.  Thank you to those on LinkedIn who reminded me, also thank you for the congratulations. Since then I have made this banner to put it across my social media, after all there are many businesses who don’t reach this point in time. First of…
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