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Month: May 2019

How To Help Stop Somebody Stealing Your Blog Posts

Just brilliant. A must read to protect your work…

5 Ways Writers (Try to) Fake Their Way to Good Storytelling – by K.M. Weiland…

Ways writers try to fake their way to good storytelling

BayCon 2019 Panel Schedule

Baycon 2019 Panel Schedule…Go if you can

Bumper Ads: A Nice Little Trick To Boost Your YouTube Ad Campaign – by TechWyse

A Little Trick to Boost your YouTube Ad Campaign. This is when I need my YouTube back again…

Print on Demand – Publishing a Book!

As a Publishing House, we watch technology to see how it changes relevant to Self Publishing. We are now getting more and more choices for Print on Demand Books. Here are some distributors who can help you self publish your book. Do remember there is a lot of work involved after you’ve finished writing. Plaisted…
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