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Month: June 2019

Writer’s Block Is a Gift. Here’s Why.

Posted on June 17, 2019 by Julia Roberts | Today’s guest post is by writing and creativity coach Julia Roberts (@juliadecodes). Despite its infamy for robbing people of their careers, writer’s block can give you a powerful gift—insight into your own relationship to the creative process. Writer’s block is nothing more than a drain of energy when you come to a…
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The Five Most Common Mistakes In Beginner Manuscripts

Some great pointers for new writers 🙂

Your Guide to Making Scenes That Are the Opposite of Flat! #Screenwriters #Filmmakers #Filmmaking #FilmmakingTips

Do you think your a scene in your manuscript is FLAT …then this may be a good thing for you to read.

Book Marketing: How To Get Your Book Into Libraries by Joanna Penn

It’s possible for indie authors to go beyond thinking of selling our books just at online retailers. Libraries are another potential channel for book sales and another stream of income!Eric Simmons shares how he’s gotten his books into some of the largest libraries in the US. In December 2017, as I was thinking about my 2018 business goals for my…
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Naming characters

Naming Characters