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Month: October 2020

#Awethor K S Marsden with a World of Experience

Let’s find out how K S Marsden is. Fives years on…I know she’s still writing. Please update us on what you’re doing these days.

Word War with Cac the Proofreader

    It’s WORD WAR time! Let’s examine apostrophes, as they seem to be very widely misused and abused! Apostrophes are primarily used for three things: Let’s go…easy to more complex.   1) Contractions. Apostrophes replace omitted letters. In the phrase “They’re back,” the apostrophe replaces the “a” in the omitted word “are.” “Don’t do…
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New Indie #Awethor Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Here is another of our wonderful Awethors. Here is hoping for another update. #Awethors #Awethology #shortstories

#Awethor Stewart Bint against Bullying

Five years on and here’s an interview from the author who reminded me it was time to celebrate Awethors. Time has flown, lets see what’s new with Stuart Bint. Another awesome author…

Celebrating 30,000 Views

Must be a happy moment. I’m nearly at 30k views and after nearly two years off due to life. I’m back and building my following, putting out posts which I hope you enjoy, including those I share. The SCAM Publishers post written by Victoria Strauss from Writers Beware seems to be one of the best…
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The Multi-Talented #Awethor – Tory Gates

Here is multi-talented Tory Gates. I’ve spoken with him over the years and he even featured in our Indie Publishing News Magazine…

Meet #Awethor Karen J Mossman

I can tell you that Karen is still writing…though I’ll let her tell you…her own news… 🙂 and where she is five years on.

Word War with Cac the Proofreader

It’s WORD WAR time! I’m Cac The Proofreader, and today I’m serving up ME, MYSELF AND I, another one I see consistently misused. I am going to simplify this for you so your confusion will be a thing of the past! ME and I. “Between you and I” is incorrect because the word “I” cannot…
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Introducing #Awethor Anita Kovacevic

This is an interview with Anita Kovacevic who participated in the #Awethors Anthology in 2015. I wonder what he is up to NOW. Hey, Anita, would you like to update us on what’s happened over the last five years and what you’re doing today?