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Word War with Cac the Proofreader

Word War with Cac the Proofreader


It’s WORD WAR time! I’m Cac The Proofreader, and today I’m serving up ME, MYSELF AND I, another one I see consistently misused.

I am going to simplify this for you so your confusion will be a thing of the past!

ME and I. “Between you and I” is incorrect because the word “I” cannot be the object of a preposition (between). Even though the former sounds more scholarly, it is wrong. “That is a gift from my wife and I.” The phrase “my wife and I” cannot be the object of a preposition (from); therefore, the sentence needs rephrasing. The new and correct structure should read, “That is a gift from me and my wife. “Contact either me or your manager” is an example of a sentence that most people think is grammatically incorrect (as opposed to “myself”), but in fact it complies with grammar rules.


You can only use MYSELF if you’ve used the word “I” in the sentence. Example: “I made it myself.” Do not use “myself” because you think it sounds more formal or polite, as in “Send any complaints to the manager or myself.” The correct usage is “…to the manager or me.”

In summary, and quick tips: * “MYSELF” must always have the word “I” in the sentence. * “I” cannot be the direct object of a verb. And there you have it! EZ PZ, right?

If you’d like me to dissect one of your WORD WARS, drop it below, email me at cac@cactheproofreader.com, or just pick up the phone: 833.I.PROOF.U/833.477.6638.

Lastly, If you have a writing project in need of proofreading, please let me know. You’ll find my information on my website: cactheproofreader.com. HAPPY WRITING!


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