Palmerston North, New Zealand

Month: March 2016

Presentation to Destination Rotorua

A new Client and Author who runs her own Bed & Breakfast Business here in Rotorua, New Zealand


How to make Connections. We all know how it goes with marketing and getting your product out there.  You need money or people to invest in you or your innovation.  Then you can do,  TV adverts, Radio Adverts, Paid Facebook or Google Adverts.  Everything costs to get ahead, unless you know someone in the business…
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Elegant Insights Braille Jewelry

Will make awesome Presents 🙂

What is Free Flow Writing

 Free Flow Writing It’s not everyone’s cuppa tea, though I find it easier to do.  In fact I’m writing free flow right now.  The words are at my finger tips and they press the right keys on the keyboard giving you my opinion or showing you my learning curve.  My muses seem to insist on…
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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Plaisted Publishing, New Zealand Yep, it’s that time again for the Christian religion.  Celebrating the rising of Jesus, the son of God. For many  it is a commercial holiday with chocolate eggs, and chocolate bunny rabbits.  I’ve no idea where these came from or when commercialism started for this celebration.  As a…
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Illusional Reality

Karina Kantas is the author of the hit MC series OUTLAW She has been writing since 16 and was first published when she was twenty. Move along a few year Shh She is now an author of eight book and nearly thirty non-fiction publications. As well as writing, she narrates small excerpts on video and…
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Formatting Manuscripts – What you need to know!

What You Need to Know! This isn’t about how to format.  It’s about what you need to format for some of the different areas of writing, editing and publishing. Formatting is something all writers need to learn at the start of their career.  It will save you time, money and gain you experience of all…
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The one and only AMAZING Author J B Taylor

J B Taylor is a master of short stories which twist and turn in unexpected ways.  His imagination is as astonishing as his descriptions.  Full on stories, described in ways many would never think about. You’ll find each of his stories a journey beyond anything you’d expect.  Filled with humour, terror (a few stories I…
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Award Winning Author

Norman MaClean from New Zealand is an Award Winner for an unpublished manuscript with a prize of $10,000.  The book ‘Jesus on our own Ground,’ won first place in the 2010 Aston Wylie Literary Award.  This book was published by Melrose Books, Ely, England. Since this time Norman has written a Historical Fiction called ‘Revelation.’  This…
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Save Your FINAL Manuscript Yeah I know we’ve all heard this one before! However, it is strange we all still loose full or parts of manuscripts.  Yes I have done it as well.  This time I was ready to publish, book cover done and do you think I could find the whole manuscript…NO DAMN!  I…
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