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How to make Connections.

woman-882568_1920We all know how it goes with marketing and getting your product out there.  You need money or people to invest in you or your innovation.  Then you can do,  TV adverts, Radio Adverts, Paid Facebook or Google Adverts.  Everything costs to get ahead, unless you know someone in the business or can find a way to do advertising for free.  So what can a small Independent Business do?  How do they network and grow?  It’s easy to stumble if you’ve no backing and start from scratch.

In the Indie Author world, we all help each other to a degree we are able to.  However, we don’t seem to be able to do this with the small businesses which support the Indie Author.  It seems we are out for ourselves.  Why is this? Especially when we do different jobs.  Yes, I know there are many small Publishers out there now, even some Indie Authors who have their own label.  However, there is plenty of work to go around.  Now where is that niche I need to make those connections.  I know there is a marketing booklet made by Mark Shaw and his group to promote Indie Authors.  Paul White was looking into making a Business Directory for those businesses who support our authors.  Very little interest.  WHY?  There is after all enough work for us to share.

Last night I started a Diploma in Small Business Enterprise.  It looks like it will be full one and interesting.  However, I seem to go blank when the big words come out to haunt me.  I’m a simple person who uses simple English.  I have great ideas, which I am happy to share.  I love to teach, I enjoy networking and shortly I will be doing some presentations.  So what happened to the connections.  Why is this such a huge stumbling block for so many.

community-988898_1920I was always puzzled by Twitter and those people who had 42K followers or more.  How did they achieve this.  At present I have 1.4K and even that blows me away.  On my Facebook Business page (which is now verified) I have close to 600 likes.  Great for me, though from looking at others, it is apparently still rather low.  Google+ is amazing.  I have three linked.  One for each email account.  What should be my main one is my verified google+ business page.  however I’ve more hits and views (112K) on my personal one.  Now for this lovely blog I run.

Since October 2015 I have been getting more views, though not many followers.  Today I have the total amount of 39 followers.  I’m grateful to each and everyone of you/them for giving me the time of day and reading my posts.  I would love more connections, so I’ve made it my mission to find a way to increase my followers.  BUT WHERE TO START?

Firstly, I now post more frequently.  I discuss topics which I hope others find helpful and interesting. I am also recreating my business services to increase my knowledge base.  Innovation is the key to part of my future.  Learning more about Marketing will help get my business out there, the same way Presentations do.  I know I can make connections, I know I can make good connections.  Though sadly it doesn’t help my blog.  This is where I put my main information.

How can I entice you?  What do you want to read about?  Which pages do you visit more.  Time to make a survey and see what people think.  

My Survey will be out next week.  It would be great if you could fill it in to help me answer some of these questions.

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  1. Claire, interesting topic! I own a small editing business, and I also find it hard to get more followers on social media. I think it’s a matter of persistence, just keep going and the numbers will slowly start to add up. I have about 1,200 followers on my personal Twitter account, because I’ve been an active book blogger for years. On my business Twitter account, it’s fewer than 200. I do re-tweet the tweets from the business account on my personal account. That way, I can reach at least 1,400 people. My advice is to focus on one of the social media for now, rather than all of them at the same time.

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