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Month: October 2015

Australian Author – Mike Elliott’s First Book

Australian Author – Mike Elliot doesn’t know it yet…He has been sponsored to have his first book formatted and published by Plaisted Publishing House.  The sponsorship is something new we are doing to help encourage new authors that publishing can still be done and affordable.  Mike was chosen at random, out of a list of…
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Createspace – Formatting & Uploading

Selling your Book Online Formatting your book for different websites can be a right pain for those who haven’t or don’t want to have the technical skills to do so.  Where a cove may fit on one, it may need a different DPI for another site.  This is where we will look at Createspace, one…
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Computer Savvy Authors

Author’s of Today As an author of today we must all have some technical skills.  It is a sink or swim scenario in many ways though if you are a member of a writers group in your local town or online then you may just have the support you need to see you though some…
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AWETHOLOGY (Light & Dark)

Paul White discusses the Awethology. Now Free on line as an eBook

Interview number 35 with #Awethor Claire Plaisted

Well most of you have seen me chatting over the last 17 hours whilst I have been posting all the interviews for ‘Get Down with #Awethor,’ Event and a few said “Don’t forget yourself.  I have no idea on how to interview myself…I’m as tired as sin and as we speak I am doing a…
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My wonderful Double Checker and #Awethor Rebecca McCray

Say hello to one of our Fantasy #Awethors who is going places.  A fabulous read is her short story ‘The Dreaded Birthday.’ to be found in Awethology Light Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a consultant by day and fantasy world-builder by night. If I could, I’d travel 360 days out of the year……
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Christian #Awethor Ann Harrison

  Let me introduce you to the lovely #Awethor Ann Harrison who loves to write and is one of the #Awethors participating in NaNoWriMo this year.  Her story in Awethology Light is called ‘The Big Climb.’ Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Ann Harrison, I am a devout Christian, I am a…
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Introducing the Beautiful #Awethor Jackie Connors

A young woman who writes about women issues, be they mental health or physical health.  Her short story in Awethology Dark tell of a young woman who finally finds reality which will change her life forevermore. Tell us a bit about yourself. Hi, I’m Jackie Connors, also known as Jack by my close family and…
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Modern Mythology with #Awethor Keanan Brand

Do you like reading Mythology!  Then you may enjoy reading #Awethor Keanan Brand’s short story in Awethology Light called ‘Modern Mythology.‘ Tell us a bit about yourself.  I’ve been writing since elementary school, and was predicted to publish my first book by sixteen. Thank God that didn’t happen! I had to grow up first, learn…
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The beautiful #Awethor – Chess Desalls

Introducing the beautiful multi talented #Awethor Chess Desalls.  Chess has been involved with the production of both Awethology’s with her editing and proofreading skills.  Her Story is to be found in Awethology Light Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a YA author, wife, and flautist. I work and write outside of my creative writing…
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