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Interview number 35 with #Awethor Claire Plaisted

Interview number 35 with #Awethor Claire Plaisted

Awethors.awethology.soonWell most of you have seen me chatting over the last 17 hours whilst I have been posting all the interviews for ‘Get Down with #Awethor,’ Event and a few said “Don’t forget yourself.  I have no idea on how to interview myself…I’m as tired as sin and as we speak I am doing a Character Takeover as the event.  Anastasia Belaruski is one of my favourite characters.  

Author HeadshotNeedless to say I should tell you about my short story in #Awethology Light – GO #TEAMLIGHT – Sorry had to get that in…lol.   My story is called ‘Enchantments.’  It is about a race of people called the ‘Bu’lith,’ who fight the shadows to save the world.  Each year the chosen few are trained and the battle takes place.  It is a true fantasy and i enjoyed writing it.  I hope you enjoy reading it as well.

The #Awethors are a fabulous group who are supportive of your work, help you when you need and lift you up when you are down.  I have been a member since the first Event in March, it is amazing how much it has grown and how positive everyone is for each other.

I know what I didn’t tell you.  I grew up in England and today i live in New Zealand – Aotearoa – Island of the Long White Cloud.  Stunning scenery and I live in a cauldra – too those who don’t know that is a volcano crater.  We have thermal water and boiling hot mud pools.  The air can stink of sulphur really badly some days.  Anyone fancy living with rotten eggs??  Anyway.  I married a Kiwi Guy from Palmerston North where our four children were born.  Our youngest wasn’t set to stay long.  She actually turns 13 yrs on Friday if she’d been with us still…we wills till celebrate though, we always have.  Anastasia Belaruski is named for her.  Our other children are now making me feel really short.

Writing novels came as a shock to me as first and foremost I was a Family History Research, that training still comes in handy too.  My first novel (still unpublished) was a Regency Mystery Romance.  By July 2014 I have a formatting and publishing business, where I help Indie Authors format their work for the professional look and then if they are no computer savvy I teach them how to upload.  I also work with authors guiding them through the process if they wish.  Today i am building my client base so hopefully one day I will have a business which can give me a salary.  Forward focused and learning all the time.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and please don’t forget to come back and visit again.  Until then – Take Care.




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My next book to be published will be book 5 of the GIB Series ‘DOUBLE CROSSED.’

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  1. dmcain84 says:

    Great to get an insight into who you are as well – especially after you’ve spent so much time on all the other #awethors!

  2. Thank you for everything you have done and still do!

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