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Month: May 2017

EDITING 101: 39 – Writing Your Synopsis and Back Cover Blurbs…

Writing your synopsis and book cover blurbs…This may help you.

What Editing Software Can Teach You about Your Writing

Editing Apps and how they can help you!

Book Giveaway Sellers

Did you know that many Giveaways (print book) competitions authors run are an easy way for re-seller to get their hands on a FREE print book and then sell it? Generally with no royalty to you since you bought an Author copy in the first place.  With eBooks some have the technical ability to change into…
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Amazon Buy Basket

Two ways to deal with this issue

Amazon Buy Basket – ADD TO CART

Yes I have seen the blogs, the posts on Facebook and everyone panicking and scrambling to see what can be done.  Meanwhile, at Plaisted Publishing, I am calmly watching on to see what people do.  Well that was until a client asked me about what they should do. Most of you know by now that…
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Technology and those who DON’T use it!

I love technology. I had always wanted to be a computer tech, however my parents thought computers were a FAD so I wasn’t allowed to take computing at school in the 1980s.  This was also prior to public internet. I loved every class and I was good.  Never mind I eventually got my way over…
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Images in Children’s eBooks

The first image shows what was wrong.  The second shows how it should be Well that took a while and what a rigmarole to get sorted.  A total of three weeks emailing KINDLE to work out what and how to sort out making images look great in my children’s eBooks.   So it took a…
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Who is SHE

An interview i did about words…and what they meant to me.