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Images in Children’s eBooks

Images in Children’s eBooks

The first image shows what was wrong.  The second shows how it should be

Well that took a while and what a rigmarole to get sorted.  A total of three weeks emailing KINDLE to work out what and how to sort out making images look great in my children’s eBooks.  

So it took a while.  I never had issues with my books until a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what KINDLE changed or updated, however the images in my books were all over the place and looked nasty.  Nothing like the PRINT edition.  I wasn’t impressed, though finding out and finally getting it sorted was AWESOME.

What was the answer?   Saving WORD as a Web Page Filter, putting the two files this makes into a ZIP File and uploading it.  Then checking in the PREVIEWER.   YAY  it worked, well after a few attempts.  Not to do the other books…with other distributors..

No what is the next learning curve?


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  1. Adele Marie says:

    Thanks, for letting us know what worked. Lots of other people might have the same problem xx

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