Palmerston North, New Zealand

Month: December 2020

Nero, the TV and Madison

Doesn’t he look adorable. This image was taken a few months ago while our son was still at University and I was using his bedroom as my office.  It seems, like most cats, Nero likes cardboard boxes. If they are flat he tears pieces off and spits them out. If they are still standing then…
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‘The Trial of Santa Claus’ by Stewart Bint – part three

Merry Christmas, Everyone. Have a wonderful time and be safe. If you don’t celebrate, please be safe and have a wonderful weekend. Here is part Three of the Trial of Santa Claus … Enjoy

‘The Trial of Santa Claus’ by Stewart Bint – part two

Part for the ‘Trial of Santa Claus… By Stewart Bint…ENJOY

Amazon Is NOT Your Publisher

This is just brilliant. Well said and a MUST READ especially for New Authors. My business offers SERVICES mentioned above…so next time you look at prices …take a look at the ones on KDP as a true reference for good work before you think those who offer Author Services are too costly…

12 Reasons Self-Editing Is the Best Writing Coach

An excellent article about how self-aware you become when editing your draft manuscript. It’s surprising what you learn.

Courtesy Lost in the Digital Age…

Over the years, I’ve had bad experiences with clients. I’m sure we all have and we move on and forward, take it as a lesson learnt and not repeat it. Most of the time it works, however when COURTESY is lacking then I will take a stand. It doesn’t take much to message someone who…
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