Palmerston North, New Zealand

Month: August 2017

Enchantments Book Trailer

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How to Show, Not Tell

Show and don’t tell! Times change when you’re having fun. What do your readers prefer? Show, Tell or a bit of both?

The Reality of Judging a Book by its Cover

Food for throught on Book Covers

UK Indie Lit Fest

Do you live in the UK…YOu may want to go to this festival…Looks like fun 🙂

Illustrator Introduction

Information about Adobe Illustrator by a new user…Discovering and Learning

Featured Author of the Week

Wanda has the magical touch when it comes to Children’s Stories…

The 6 Most Common Writing Mistakes that are Missed When Editing

The six most Common Writing Mistakes missed during editing.

Where Writers Get Stuck: Querying and Publishing

Do you get stuck at the query and publishing stage? You may wish to read this.

How To Write Characters With Unique Sensory Quirks

What are your quirks and could you use any for your characters developments