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Month: May 2018

When The Publisher Calls You

Publishing Scams…ARE REAL….BE CAREFUL

Meet The Bloggers Who Attended The 2018 Bloggers Bash

Perhaps i’ll get there next year… 🙂

3 Types of Book Reviews You Can Write and How to Write Them — Author Toolbox

Now this is brilliant…A great article on how to review

Why The Haters Never Have Anything Nice To Say About Your Writing

What i learnt about haters….I tend to get totally peeved off and start to rant…then slowly settle down and think. Then i will reply or i will do a post if i think it is warrented. It usually helps. In the last year most negative comments i ignore or look for the positive within…

Alert: Do You Need New Sites like StumbleUpon? Mix Is Here – by Janice Wald…

I never managed to get used to Stumbleupon or Flipboard though i’m a member of both…

Advice For Someone Who Just Started A Blog

I remember giving up on WordPress the first time i tried to do a blog..It wasn’t until i had met more authors and got some advice that i tried again.

7 Steps To Take Before Submitting Your Manuscript To An Editor

Great advice. Thanks for sharing Nicholas. 🙂

4 Resources for Understanding #GDPR for Authors

Make sure you are up to date…GDPR comes into law today

Everything You Learn Each Time Your Writing Gets Rejected

Always remember a rejection is a new learning curve… When you FAIL it is your First Attempt In Learning 🙂