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Renza’s Dream Eighteenth Birthday by Jane Risdon

Another awesome write up about Jane Risdon and her wonderful books. This time we Jane shares a bit of her story “Only One Woman”

Katrina Marie

Jane with Only One Woman and Undercover: Crime Shorts

Based on the character of Renza from the novel Only One Woman by Christina Jones Jane Risdon

Renza’s Dream Eighteenth Birthday

I reach my majority next week; I can vote, and better than that I can obtain a Passport in my own right. If only I had enough money to buy a ticket back to England, to Scott and a new life. That would be the best birthday present ever. Fat chance. I need so much more money and it’s going to take me another six months to save up for the fare, besides, there’s no point heading back to England without knowing if I’ve got the job at the Foreign and Commonwealth office yet.

My imagination’s been working over-time all day. I keep seeing myself in England with him and the band on my birthday. There’s a huge party with…

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Media Kit: Mr. Sagittarius #poetry #prose #photography

A wonderful author with a lot of skill. A must-read. We enjoy working with you MJ

M J Mallon YA/Paranormal Author


Who Is Mr. Sagittarius?

And what is his connection to twin brothers, Harold and William?

When Harold dies he leaves a simple memorial request

Will his sister Annette honour it?

Or, will the magic of the garden ensure that she does.

A magical story expressed via poetry and prose with photographic images.

Contents include:

THE GOLDEN WEEPING WILLOW(story and poem plus photo of a dragonfly)

GOLDEN WILLOW TREE(poem and photo)

ROBIN: ETHEREE(poem and photo)


LIFE LESSONS FROM CATS(poem and photo image via Samantha Murdoch)

MR. FROWNING TREE(poem and photo)

RAINBOW CHILD(story and image of Tourmaline crystal via Samantha Murdoch)




MR GHOST WITH EASE(Halloween poem)


ODE TO LOVE –ETERNAL(Ghost/love poem)


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7 Tips to Forging Magical Weapons: Freebie is That Singing Swords are Annoying

Another great post from Charles Yallowitz – Forging magical weapons.

Legends of Windemere

In War of Nytefall: Eradication, events are set in motion due to a mortal wielding an enchanted weapon.  The First of Durag appears to have the strength to eliminate Clyde.  It has already depowered and killed many Dawn Fangs, so all of the vampires are getting nervous.  I haven’t worked with a lot of enchanted weapons.  There was Timoran’s deflection axe, Decker’s elemental axe, Delvin’s shield, and a few other things, but I’ve kept it a lot more low key than I expected.  Kind of odd since I designed so many enchanted weapons in college.  I did learn a lot during that stage of my life, so here are some tips if you’re going to add magical gear to your story.

  1. For the love of all dice rolls, do NOT load every power into one weapon.  Nobody wants to see a hero with a sword the has healing, elemental…

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How to use keyword research to sell more books – by Dave Chesson…

The most important part of launching your book after getting it professionally edited and formatted.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Indie Reader:

To get your book noticed by potential shoppers, you have to learn what kind of phrases customers search for on Amazon when they’re shopping.

Luckily, there are easy ways to get this data. In their search box, Amazon has created a function that guesses what you’re typing; their suggestion is based on the popularity of what other shoppers type when they shop–the autofill function.

Today, we’ll look at how you can use this free feature and a few free tools–along with a trusty notepad and pen–to gather your keywords and, ultimately, promote and sell more books.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to find keywords for your book.
  2. What free tool you can use to pick out ‘buyer keywords.’
  3. How to tell competitive keywords from uncompetitive ones.

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Self-Editing: Looking at Paragraphs and Sentence Length

Some great advice on Paragraph and Sentence length…

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

I was recently asked how long sentences should be. There is no hard and fast rule, but opinions abound, so I will offer you some things to be considered in the editing process.

Let me say first that sentence length is a matter of the author’s personal style. Some of us write long sentences strung together with commas, and others break things out into shorter, more concise packets of information.

If you are familiar with the rules of punctuation and use your commas wisely, longer sentences will flow well.

If you’re unsure of how to use commas, and simply put them anywhere you pause, or take a breath, you’ll have a long, convoluted mess on your hands, similar to this sentence.

In writing genre work, we consider the age and reading experience of our intended reader. Generally speaking, for younger readers, we use shorter sentences and a narrower vocabulary.


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