How to Format a Novel for Submission – by Carol Saller…

A must-read on basic formatting when you are submitting work to editors, agents, and publishers.

This would make my job easier when I format a manuscript…

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on CMOS Shop Talk:

When you write a book to send to an agent or editor, you are preparing a manuscript. And even if your ideas, characters, and plot twists are colorful and creative, your manuscript format should not be. Agents and editors almost always require submitted pages to be in a standard format free of images and color and anything flashy. Many agents and editors post the format they prefer (or demand) on a “Submissions” page at their website.

It’s normal, however, to prepare material before you know exactly where you’ll submit it. That’s why it’s smart to produce a generic document based on Chicago style (the style used by most US trade book publishers) that can be tweaked later if you receive more specific instructions. Using this conventional style and saving it in a flexible file format will position you to adjust your formatting for each submission…

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Indicted by the Goodreads Police

I think they should take more notice of fake accounts leaving fake one-star reviews…rather than this. If you enjoy reading another author who happens to have reviewed one of yours…then so be it. At this rate we will all be using pen names…

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From time to time I take part in a Goodreads review round. The idea is that ten authors each offer a book to be reviewed. Four of the ten then review that book, within a set time. Within the round none of the ten has his or her book reviewed by someone whose book he or she is reviewing. Participants are supposed to inform the moderators if they have previously reviewed a book by another of the authors taking part. This enables the moderator to ensure that neither is assigned to review the other’s book.

It now appears, however, that the rule applies across all previous review groups. You are supposed to check all the reviews you have ever received. If one of them was from an author participating in this round, however long ago, then you should be aware that you are banned from posting a review of any…

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Author J Franklin Payne Returns With An Excerpt From His Book Thread #Author’sCorner #WordPressWednesday

Pattys World

Hello to All.

Recently in the Featured Author of the Week J Franklin Payne #WordPressWednesday

section, we met and began to get to know, author J. Franklin Payne and his book Thread.

Today, he is back to share a bit of the book with us.

Hello Readers of Patty’s World.

I’m happy to be returning to you with an excerpt of Thread for your reading enjoyment.

In my book, I write about Corporate Corruption in 1976, San Francisco. It was out of control but what is happening now in 2021, is insane. Just like what Kyle Stone had to do. He was given the mission of getting the goods on a Senator by using sex to entrap him. Kyle then gave the tapes to the CIA to use to get him out of office. Read more in Thread, an amazing story.

Senator in Las Vegas

It did not take long…

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LULU eBook Update

      I received this email today and thought I'd share.  It seems we are going to have to pay for Global Distribution for each and every ebook we upload... If you wish GLOBAL... Dear Lulu Author, We’re contacting you today because you currently have Ebook projects using our Global Distribution service.Effective February 15th, 2021, … Continue reading LULU eBook Update

Emails and Files

A short blog post about emails and files!! It seems many people either don't realise, forget or just don't think about files they've attached to emails and sent to contractors, publishers, editors etc., etc. Why do I say this? If you send a file to someone... anyone, then you should still have a copy of … Continue reading Emails and Files

Apples of Gold by Jo Elizabeth Pinto Now Available On Audible #NewsNuggets

It’s #SocialMediaMonday!
The perfect time to download and read a great book.

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Hello to Everyone!

Here’s a special announcement from author and proofreader Jo Elizabeth Pinto!

Finally! I’ve been on pins and needles for the last two months, and that’s not a fun place to be.

My latest book, “Apples of Gold: Timely Advice When the World Doesn’t Seem Lovely” has been released as an audiobook. It’s done by Marni Penning, the same person who narrated “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark,” and I’m in awe of her performance.

About the book.





Author Website:

“Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket.” (Proverbs 25:11, NLT)

The turbulent times we live in require us to look at our changing world in new ways if we hope to find the blessings that will sustain…

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Showcasing Author Clients

It has always been my belief that hard work shouldn’t go to waste. I also believe that if something is not a good fit in one place, there’s always a place for it elsewhere. The following showcase was deemed incorrect for a magazine I submitted to, so I’m sharing it here with you. Greetings to … Continue reading Showcasing Author Clients