Writer’s Block Is a Gift. Here’s Why.

Posted on June 17, 2019 by Julia Roberts | Today’s guest post is by writing and creativity coach Julia Roberts (@juliadecodes). Despite its infamy for robbing people of their careers, writer’s block can give you a powerful gift—insight into your own relationship to the creative process. Writer’s block is nothing more than a drain of energy when you come to a … Continue reading Writer’s Block Is a Gift. Here’s Why.

The Five Most Common Mistakes In Beginner Manuscripts

Some great pointers for new writers 🙂

Writing your first novel-Things you should know

Mistakes-blog.jpgThis is one of my favorite blogs. I wish I could claim it, but the post was actually written by Jerry Jenkins. I love his work. If you haven’t visited him, I would highly recommend you do. He did put a disclaimer at the end of this article saying it was ok to share with friends, so I am in no way stealing his work. Hope this helps someone and hope you consider visiting his site.

It doesn’t sound fair.

It doesn’t seem right.

But here’s a dirty little secret of the writing life you need to hear:

Any veteran editor can tell within two minutes whether they’re going to reject your manuscript.

It takes longer to decide whether they’ll recommend it for purchase, of course, but—sad to say—it can, and often does, go into the reject pile just that fast.

“What?” you say. “Before I’ve had a chance to…

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Your Guide to Making Scenes That Are the Opposite of Flat! #Screenwriters #Filmmakers #Filmmaking #FilmmakingTips

Do you think your a scene in your manuscript is FLAT …then this may be a good thing for you to read.

Industry Secrets with Ivana Sanders

Do you ever watch a movie and think, “Eww, that scene could have been so much better and way more epic!” Or “That was it? That big reveal could have soooo much more impactful!” Or “Seriously that character arc fell flat. What a dud!

The horror of people watching our movies and thinking the same thoughts!

We not only want to produce the best films that are void of flat, empty, disappointing scenes and dry dialogue we want our audience to leave our movies satisfied and inspired by what they have just seen!

I have some easy tips to help you make that goal a reality!

Avoid Flat Scenes by being mindful of these 6 Scene Mistakes:

  1. Unrealistic interactions between characters
  2. Dialogue that feels out of character for your characters and made to only move the writer’s agenda ahead
  3. A slow pace
  4. Excessive dialogue
  5. Excessive…

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How and Why to Rebrand Your Books for Increased Sales – by J. P. (Jo-Anne) McLean…

How and Why to REBRAND your BOOK

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Writer CEO:

Rebranding is the process of changing the public’s view of a brand’s image.

There are any number of reasons why a company would rebrand. They may want to position themselves to better compete with a rival. How many of you remember “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web?” Not many, I suspect, but you’ll know them by their new brand: Yahoo.

Maybe they want to step away from their perceived poor reputation. Comcast did so when it rebranded to Xfinity. Perhaps they want to update their image. Old Spice comes to mind, as does Pepsi.

Writers also have reasons to rebrand, whether they’re focusing on themselves or their books. A children’s author might want to differentiate her author brand for a hot romance she’s written. Likewise, a thriller author may need to establish a different brand to suit his non-fiction how-to guides.

Sometimes it’s the book itself…

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The Death of Ye Olden Bookstores & the Author Identity Crisis – Written By Kristen Lamb

Make sure you read this POST in full 🙂

Writer's Treasure Chest

As a follow up of the famous ‘Barnes & Noble’ fall, Kristen Lamb provides us with a great blog post about the consequences it might have on us authors.

Thank you so much, Kristen!

My last post, Barnes & Noble SOLD: Goliath Has Fallen & What This Means for Writers , was a long and detailed journey explicating precisely how we’ve all ended up at this spot in history—writers, readers, bookstores, booksellers, publishers, investors, etc.

The big-box bookstores are dead for good until some @$$hat forgets what a bad idea they were and resurrects them again.

In the meantime…

Now that Borders is a distant memory and Barnes & Noble a recent casualty, many of us find ourselves balancing, terrified, on the precipice of the unknown.

This time of transition possesses a particularly acute terror reserved for pre-published and published authors.

Yet, in light of all this upheaval, I challenge…

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Book Marketing: How To Get Your Book Into Libraries by Joanna Penn

It's possible for indie authors to go beyond thinking of selling our books just at online retailers. Libraries are another potential channel for book sales and another stream of income!Eric Simmons shares how he's gotten his books into some of the largest libraries in the US. In December 2017, as I was thinking about my 2018 business goals for my … Continue reading Book Marketing: How To Get Your Book Into Libraries by Joanna Penn

Naming characters

Naming Characters

Entertaining Stories

I kind of left you guys hanging. Work was busy this week, so when I got home in the evenings I was too tired to work on much.

This weekend is a self-imposed slow burn. I’m dabbling with reading Serang to make sure I can understand it before I share it with the world. I’ve also started reading a novel. I’m way behind on my reading and will try to remedy some of this over the next month.

I intend to do the edits on Serang, then work through The Viral Blues the same way without hitting it too hard.

Honestly, I’ve been working on fiction at an accelerated pace and feel the need for a slow stretch.

In order to keep this interesting, I want to talk about naming characters again. Older posts indicate I still have my daughter’s graduation program to pick from, and I frequently glance at…

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