Palmerston North, New Zealand

Month: June 2020

Covid 19 – 3 months on

This is the link for my post when New Zealand went into level Four Lockdown. The world has a count of over 11k dead.  Let’s look at what it says today! I use Covid Map Google… For the information. Be them right or wrong, it shows how many people WORLDWIDE have died alone. Many more…
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Forever Mine – Cy & Rylan Book Cover Reveal.

Finally… It’s arrived. My book cover for Cy & Rylan’s story of true love. A Wolf Shifter Romance with murder and mystery surrounding two lovers as they learn about each other. Looking at their differences, how to live together, how to grieve together. A unit and family. You can PRE-ORDER HERE Publishing 30th June 2020…
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The Importance of Book Covers

I do wish the days of coloured hardbacks would return and get rid of the silly paperback covers which have to be so brilliant to get anyone to buy your book. I didn’t need an image on a cover to read a good book. I read the blurb/synopsis at the library or bookstore and …well…
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My first LGBT Hater?

Still trying to sort this out. It happened in another group to…so even If we have an LGBT Hater…and have been reported…It may be FB messing about.

Time to be Business Savvy

Here in New Zealand, the Covid 19 Pandemic is OVER…for now at least. We are back to our new normal except our borders are closed to everyone but New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. What is the new normal going to look like? Makes one wonder. Well, we all know there is going to be…
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The Working Bear – Oxford

I’d like to introduce you to my new employee. Please welcome Oxford Bear.  Oxford was born…bought on my 40th birthday while I was visiting Oxford in England. I’d been given a small teddy bear by my young children and sadly lost it. So with it being my birthday, I bought Oxford. He travelled everywhere with…
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