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Time to be Business Savvy

Time to be Business Savvy

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Here in New Zealand, the Covid 19 Pandemic is OVER...for now at least. We are back to our new normal except our borders are closed to everyone but New Zealand citizens and permanent residents.

What is the new normal going to look like? Makes one wonder. Well, we all know there is going to be unemployment due to closures. It was expected in many areas. What wasn’t expected was the streamlining of big business, many of which are foreign-owned? 

What do I mean by streamlined? Well… many of those essential workers and essential support workers and staff who worked through Covid 19, plus many who didn’t are finding themselves being made REDUNDANT...including my husband who worked through the pandemic until today where officially we are back on our NEW NORMAL.  Charming isn’t it.  

What big business noticed is that they could run their companies with less staff and still stay open and make a profit. In other words, we don’t need you anymore and we’re going to cut costs and make your job void. The company my husband worked for isn’t the only one doing this and yes they are all thinking they are business savvy by saving a few bucks. 

My thinking as a small company owner… IDIOTS, we will have an upturn in the economy and those you got rid of won’t want to work for you, they won’t want to buy your products either.  Many will start their own companies. Meanwhile, big business is going to get bitten in the butt with this. 

Small companies are now banding together and building their own brands, supporting each other, helping each other get an income they can live off. 

If there is anyone out there who is starting a company in marketing then we need to start supporting each other to gain traction and grow while we can. Assisting our Author and Family History Clients and being an Author is hard work with low pay at the best of times. I know I need to grow and bring in more clients to do this. My business survives because I’m stubborn and I like helping others. I also know I don’t charge enough for my services and do things for FREE. It is what it is.

I’m now looking at re-training in an area I can earn an income I can live off. My writing and publishing may need to be part-time. A hobby, unless something happens soon. I really don’t fancy living in a car and this is something we could be facing in the not too distant future if we don’t get jobs. Like most other countries, government benefits aren’t enough to live off in any shape or form. Been there done that a few times over the last thirty years.

Here is to helping you to help others to survive


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