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Month: November 2016

19 Self-editing Tips

A good list of Editing tips. Many of which I use as an author, some I will certainly be looking into as my writing develops.

Self-publishing and the snobbery issue

Totally agree with this sentiment.

Friday’s Musings: Learning to Edit

Some good words and musings

I managed to do a bookish thing!

Authors Supporting Charities…

Because one scare is never enough.

Another great Story from anthor talented author.

A Blind Woman Enters Victoria Secret…

Food for thought… Hugs to the author of this blog.

Looking into the Abyss with Paul White

Now here is a story and a half.   Paul White is an author extrodinaire and also a man who is involved with Saving the Black Rhino –‘Boots on the Ground’ Charity.  With this in mind paul decided to compile an Anthology from authors around the world who would donate a short story.   Connect…
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Ghostly Writes

Embers of Webster Street