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Month: February 2018

Interviewing Rianne Moss – My Mother

I would like to introduce you to another talented Author called Rianne Moss. Her short story is called My Mother and shows the strength of  Love from The Other Side. Introduce Yourself and where you’re from. I’m Rianne Moss, which is a pen name as my real name is long and hard to pronounce. In…
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Books, Authors, Double Standards and Snobbery.

Some of those who are trad published and readers who will only read trad published seem to forget that the books they may have read from the earlier years were technically Indie Published. This includes the Bible, Twain, Dickens, Bronte Sister and even Shakespere… Yes there is bad work out there like you say every…
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What Social Media Platform is Right for My Writing?

Is your media platform right for your writing? Check this out from Emily Raper

Should writers stick to one genre?

I write where the muse takes me. Meaning i’m very much a multi Genre Writer. Thanks for your blog.

On Writing: The Basics of Building a Writing Platform — from Author’s Canvas

The Basics of Building a Writing Platform from Authors Canvas

Interviewing C A Keith – Pinetree Trail

Introducing the lovely C A Keith who submitted a short story called Pinetree Trail to Love from The Other Side which is the second Ghostly Writes Valentines Antholgoy. The paperback has a huge 60% and the ebook is FREE. Our gift to you. Hi, I’m Charlotte.  My author name is C.A. Keith. I live in the…
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A Writer’s Guide to Firearms: Rifles

I know as an author I always need Firearms advice…For me this is a must read.

Interviewing Michael Lynes – Scary Love

Introducing you to Michael Lynes one of our authors who published his short story Scary Love in our latest Ghostly Writes Valentine’s Anthology called Love from The Other Side.  Don’t forget it is FREE in ebook  Introduce yourself and where you’re from. My name is Michael Lynes. I am an engineer by training and a…
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Moving From Createspace To Amazon KDP Paperback Publishing…

I have already started moving books….So over Createspace. However I am going to Lulu instead and I am recommending my clients do the same.