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Nero, the TV and Madison

Nero, the TV and Madison


Doesn’t he look adorable. This image was taken a few months ago while our son was still at University and I was using his bedroom as my office.  It seems, like most cats, Nero likes cardboard boxes. If they are flat he tears pieces off and spits them out. If they are still standing then he sits and sleeps in them. Never mind his cat basket. 

Since I rediscovered the TV and found I can play YouTube on it, I’ve been watching a lot of history and nature programmes. Of course my darling Nero had to join in. He loves the birds. About three weeks ago he was sitting on my chair with me watching the nature programme with me, the next moment he gets down and sits in front of the TV, head on the side, I presume a puzzled expression on his face. Eventually he walked up to the TV cabinet placing his paws and stood up watching the birds fly to and fro, patting the screen a few times when they chirped. Climbing on the cabinet he watched them and seemed to realise the birds flew off screen so off he went hunting. Moving across the front of the TV and around behind, his head poking out the other side until he sat down at the front again. I do wish I had a video of it. I was giggling at his antics. He ended up running in and out of the house for the afternoon chasing real birds and coming in to see how they others were doing on the TV.

On a quick not. Nero has found another person he likes. In the last 24 hours he butts her legs and though still a bit scared, will let her touch him and give him a bit of a cuddle. The young lady is my son’s girlfriend, Madison. This is a first for Nero. He doesn’t go near anyone for about a week, not even my son when he returned from Uni, nor a friend of mine from New Plymouth. He runs…

Sure has a great personality. Still snuggles with me at night, still claws me when he wants something and loves to play with little things he finds…especially wool…oh the wool…my poor wool…Messy toady cat. Love him to bit though.

Now where did he go… NERO


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  1. Geri Lawhon says:

    Cats can be such a neat addition to any family. Nice post.

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