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Amazon Buy Basket – ADD TO CART

Amazon Buy Basket – ADD TO CART

badge-686321_1920Yes I have seen the blogs, the posts on Facebook and everyone panicking and scrambling to see what can be done.  Meanwhile, at Plaisted Publishing, I am calmly watching on to see what people do.  Well that was until a client asked me about what they should do.

Most of you know by now that the Buy Basket isn’t necessarily going to mean you are buying a book from Amazon. You could be buying from a third-seller and not get paid. This is where the panic starts. 

There are several things a publisher and a author can do, depending on how they are set up.  Most of us on Amazon use Createpace as our PRINT Supplier. This is where we get paid our royalty.  First of all when you publish your book most authors tick all the sales channels which include extended distribution.  This extended distribution is  generally the third-seller or re-seller.  At some stage someone somewhere had to buy your book and you would have been paid your (CRAP) royalty – it is cents rather than over a dollar.  Suppose you un-tick those channels?  Then you sell only via Amazon and Createspace.  SHARE THESE LINKS OR INSTEAD.  This means the list of re-sellers disappear – to a degree.

What I have noted is that most books are in AMAZON PRIME, which usually means they are on the BUY BASKET, though you can check by clicking on NEW/USED before you share your link.

However, there will always be those who buy new books and sell to other re-sellers, and we all know you don’t get paid royalty twice.  The only other way for them to get your book is if it is pirated and most books that are pirated have ASIN numbers in them. This means they were eBooks.  If you are that worried, then take down your eBooks. I’m not overly worried, because I keep an eye on my amazon e-book links. Anything that comes up I immediately take action. Read SCAM Blog for more information

Also noted if you book is in Amazon Prime...It will generally be at the top aka Buy Basket seller.  Not always the cheapest.

Another way for Publisher and Authors to help themselves is when they share BUY LINKS on social media…They need to pick the Amazon Link (if it isn’t at the top) rather than just sharing the book page.  It may take a few more clicks for you, though it will save your reader who is unlikely to do the same.




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