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The one and only AMAZING Author J B Taylor

The one and only AMAZING Author J B Taylor

J B TaylorJ B Taylor is a master of short stories which twist and turn in unexpected ways.  His imagination is as astonishing as his descriptions.  Full on stories, described in ways many would never think about. You’ll find each of his stories a journey beyond anything you’d expect.  Filled with humour, terror (a few stories I don’t recommend reading at night shudders at the thought of nightmares), paranormal, fantasy.  You name it J B Taylor has had a go at writing it.  Exceptional short stories.  I can’t wait for him to write a full length novel.  It is bound to be full on and a fabulous read.

Plaisted Publishing assisted J B Taylor format some of his short stories into an AnthologyEBooks Cover1 for his readers.  An amazing one book of short called ‘Dissimilar Shorts.’ And dissimilar they are.  So different in content, stories ranging from one page to … I’m sure you get the gist of it.

J B is still writing.  I’m hoping it is a full length novel this time.  Look out for his books, they are a must buy.

If you click on the book cover, it will take you to Amazon so you can buy yourself a copy of fun filled writing.

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