Palmerston North, New Zealand

Award Winning Author

Award Winning Author

Norman MaClean from New Zealand is an Award Winner for an unpublished manuscript with a prize of $10,000.  The book Jesus on our own Ground,’ won first place in the 2010 Aston Wylie Literary Award.  This book was published by Melrose Books, Ely, England.

Revelation Book Cover (1)Since this time Norman has written a Historical Fiction called ‘Revelation.’  This story is about the last book in the New Testament called Revelations and written by John the Baptist.  An exceedingly good read and well researched, the story goes through the life of the protagonist Kleitos who holds a secret close to his heart.  You see the times of Christianity through his eyes, the trials and tribulations the celebrations and the wars.

We also meet a man called John who is writing hurriedly and secretly before he dies.


Norman is a retired teacher.  He is an amazing man with so much talent to show and share.  Be with with art or writing.  Have a look at his wonderful website.  Inspiring to say the least. Amazing man and wonderful to talk to.

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