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Celebrating 30,000 Views

Celebrating 30,000 Views

Must be a happy moment. I’m nearly at 30k views and after nearly two years off due to life. I’m back and building my following, putting out posts which I hope you enjoy, including those I share.

The SCAM Publishers post written by Victoria Strauss from Writers Beware seems to be one of the best I’ve shared in a while. I thank you all for your comments and I’m glad it helps. Victoria’s article is great, as are so many others I find and I also hope you enjoy the ones I write as well.

My favourite this year is the one about Which English you use and who your Readers are, especially for those who want reviews. After all, you don’t want an American Reader to say you have spelling errors through your work when you’ve written in British English…Do you? I know I don’t

At the moment we are also celebrating five years of Awethors and our Awethology which we published in October 2015. About 54 Authors participated with two books of about 600 pages each. A lot of work and joy and the eBooks are still available FREE on Amazon.

Anyway, I’m wondering how to celebrate when I do hit 30k views…It could happen today or tomorrow. What should I do? Ideas are more than welcome in comments.

Thanks for listening to my rambles.


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  2. That’s a pretty amazing milestone, so congrats and wishing you many more thousands to come! I found your ‘What English’ post to be helpful too. I use UK English for a predominantly US audience (I live in Malaysia), but I guess we can agree that the blogosphere is pretty lax when it comes to best practices in spelling.

    • I think you’re right about blogs and English. I tend to stay with British Spelling though my words might be from various countries due to being used to using various words. It’s why my own writing gets confused at times. I think there was a table of different words meaning the same things on the What English post…to show what I mean. At this rate, I may end up writing comedy. Thank you for your comment, glad the post was useful.

  3. Kazzmoss says:

    I check out author central rankings regularly and have been seeing green arrows on the Ghostly books and awetholgies. Is it really five years. My goodness!

  4. Kazzmoss says:

    Some years ago I had someone proof read something for me, and se came back saying it was full of errors. Turned out she was American and had no idea we different spellings. Now I always add to my books that it’s is written in British English.

  5. Jack Eason says:

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    Congratulations Plaisted…

  6. You made me curious. I went and added up my views since 2012. Huh!

    • Do tell us how you are doing 🙂

      • Well, since you asked, over 70K since 2013 (I had another couple hundred in 2012 when I began blogging).

        I am trying to decide whether to serialize the second book in my Pride’s Children mainstream trilogy; part of those views were from people who read a new scene from the first book every Tuesday for two years.

        What do you think about serials? In my case, it was finished work – I don’t post work that isn’t.

      • Wow. That is amazing and well done 🙂 Seems I have a long way to go yet. I remember your first story…i think you had some on Wattpad? I think serials are good. 🙂

      • I’m trying to get enough feedback to whether it would be worth putting up the serial. It takes a bit of time every week BUT also is providing content not available anywhere else on the web.

        My energy is so limited I’m hesitant to commit to serializing, but I managed it last time when I was VERY new.

        As my grandmother would say: Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

        As my daughter reminds me I said once: Six of one, seven-and-a-half of the other. And didn’t even realize I had. We still laugh, ten years later.

      • You can schedule them on WordPress websites. If you can take a day and put up several posts and publish to a specific date, it may help not take up to much of your time.

      • Each episode is an opportunity to connect with a reader, so I don’t just want to put them up: I have to write a bit to go with the scene, and remind people they can get the first book on amazon – or contact me to get an ARC… So it’s non-trivial. When I did it before, it took a while each week. And I did schedule them, in case the day wasn’t good. I think I missed ONE Tuesday in two years, and that post came out the next day.

        Cost/benefit analysis has not reached a conclusion yet!

      • Okay. Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks, Claire. And congratulations on your business! Hope it’s going well.

      • Thank you, Alicia. Business is pretty good right now. 🙂

      • Delighted to hear it.

      • Thank you 🙂

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