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#Awethor Stewart Bint against Bullying

#Awethor Stewart Bint against Bullying

Five years on and here’s an interview from the author who reminded me it was time to celebrate Awethors. Time has flown, lets see what’s new with Stuart Bint. Another awesome author…

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  1. Stewart Bint says:

    I’m sure time has found a shortcut to get from the Awethologies’ publication date to today so quickly.

    But then again, looking back over the last five years, so much has happened. When Awethology Dark came out I’d only had one novel published as a paperback – In Shadows Waiting.

    Now I’ve got a total of five paperbacks out, which are all available as ebooks as well at a variety of book retailers around the world. Two of them can also be downbloaded as Audible books. One of them’s been translated into Spanish, and my publisher tells me hardbacks are on the way for two of them.

    I’m still writing my magazine column, Up Close And Personal, but it’s moved to a monthly publication, which means I don’t have to come up with so many ideas for it! And that’s a good thing, with ideas definitely at a premium as I’ve been writing it for nearly eight years.

    With my regular working days filled with PR writing for the world’s leading CAD/CAM developer, when my first ebook was published through Smashwords in 2012, my fiction only came to life at evenings and weekends…and I started working seven days a week to keep up the flow. That became even more intensive when my work started to appear in paperback, as there was considerable marketing to do, as well as writing.

    However, a near-fatal blood clot in my lung in March 2018, prompted me to slow down and reclaim my weekends and evenings. So, once the short story collection that I was working on at that time, Thunderlands, was published in June of that year, any new fiction was put on hold. I have ideas for three more books…indeed I was a couple of chapters into a fantasy novel…so, maybe one day I’ll get back into the swing with fiction. But at the moment, it’s just my PR writing and magazine column.

    So, my current back catalogue – three novels published by Dragon Moon Press: In Shadows Waiting, Timeshaft, and The Jigsaw And The Fan; and a novel and short story collection published by Next Chapter: To Rise Again, and Thunderlands.

    On a personal note, Susie B and I moved into a new house three weeks ago; and I still go barefoot much of the time.

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