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Celebrating Two Years

Celebrating Two Years

Plaisted Publishing House

Two years in business – well I nearly missed this one.  Thank you to those on LinkedIn who reminded me, also thank you for the congratulations.

Since then I have made this banner to put it across my social media, after all there are many businesses who don’t reach this point in time.

First of all I would like to thank everyone for all their support over the last two years, if it wasn’t for you all, especially the clients and authors I have met then this business wouldn’t be going today.  THANK YOU.

My history in business has not been easy.  In fact it all started in 2012 when I wrote my first book and had no idea on how to format it to send it to an agent or publisher.  In fact I didn’t even know how to find an agent or publisher.  So the learning curve began to take shape as a wannabe author.  

My first curve was learning how to use Microsoft word correctly, talk  about going back to basics.  Auto indents, auto double line spacing, set margins, heading, titles and the list goes on.  What a bloody nightmare.  This was just for agents and publishing companies who accepted submissions.  Rejection isn’t nice when they don’t tell you why.  Being me I decided to learn how to format and self publish.  Another tough learning  curve I successfully navigated.  Doing so well in fact, that I got my first client without even asking.

Since then, I have had over twenty clients, steadily building my business, my social media, my skills and keeping up with the changes in technology.  Learning how to upload, how to do book covers, formatting for eBooks and Print, filling in tax forms and joining groups on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.  

Two months after my first client, I dived in the deep end, establishing my company. On 31st July 2014 – Plaisted Publishing House Ltd became a company.  Another new learning curve, organising GST & TAX and getting out of GST due to earnings.  During this time I have also studied Small Business Management Certificate – I graduate in June.  This year I am studying a Diploma in Small Business Enterprise (level 5).  All helps me learn and grow, so I can help all Indie Authors publish.

I am very proud of the progress my business has made. I love my clients and how well we work together. Thank you to all those who have assisted me and continue to do so.



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  1. sternmike52 says:

    Congratulations, Claire.

  2. Sandra Boyle says:

    Very many congratulations, Claire. I really am genuinely in awe of your success. As a new, independent author (that sounds too grand), with just one novel to my name, I can well appreciate how much hard work you must have invested. Once again, congratulations!

  3. Keep up the good work! Congrats!

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