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70% Royalty Payments…Really?

70% Royalty Payments…Really?

Well I do hope this is not a shock to they system for Indie Authors.  However, did you know you don’t actually get 70% off Amazon or any of the other stores for that matter. Especially after they have deducted their share.

On Kindle is you can pick your level of royalty.  Obviously most will go for 70% unless they have a sale on and want to sell their book at 99 c, to do this they need to have it at 35%. This is only for kindle mind you.  The other two main eBook distributors I use – Smashwords and Draft to Digital, you can change your price at any time and still get the 70% royalty. This makes me wonder why everyone uses Kindle and for that matter Amazon.

These samples are all for the same book.

Here is an example of royalties for PRINT


Here is a sample for Kindle


Here is a sample for Draft to Digital

Draft to Digital copy

It goes to show you some sites are better than others.  Yes, Draft to Digital are slightly lower than Kindle, well unless you take the 35% option and then they are much better off. Also with Draft to Digital and Smashwords you can price your eBook at any price at any time without it taking days to change.

So who truly gives you 70% Royalty after tax?  Probably none of them.  This is why we are going to be opening an online bookstore, where the author will get 100% royalties.

Yes you heard me.  You will be able to sell your books via our website from your own computer.  Each author will have their own page under the genre they write in.  Any frees for the website up keep will be paid up front prior to their book going live on our website.  This means you get all the royalties when the customer pays you via paypal etc.

You will be liable for your own taxes and your own bank fees.  If you’re interested contact us.  The more support this gets the better the marketing. Yes you can do this by yourself, lots of work so why not do the selling collectively with other Indie Authors and Plaisted Publishing House, Ltd and bring the market to you.

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  1. In the end, after selling my books on Amazon, iBooks, B&N, and Smashwords, 95% of my sales still come from Amazon. It isn’t the percentage of the sales I’m looking for, it’s the ability to move the book at all.

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