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Indie Publishing News – Update

Indie Publishing News – Update

Hello everyone

Issue 4 of the Indie Publishing News is due out on 10th of August.  It will be a tad different.  This time along with the usual I will be highlighting andhelping to teach you all about Service Animals, in particular Service Dogs.  If anyone has any other Service Animals with stories I would be delighted to know about them.  


A Service Dog with his Owner

I have been learning about the difficulties some people have with knowing how to deal with Service Dogs, what they can ask, what they can do and if they really are a servce dog.  Like many things in life today, there are those out to take advantage of the system which gives real Service Dogs a bad name.   One of the things I have noticed is that not all Service Dogs are one breed. So think about what to say, ask and do before you get sued by the Service Dog owner.

More about this in my newsletter along with links to information and maybe videos to help you, help them.


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    Do you know anyone with a Service Animal. Find out a bit more about them in my next Indie Publishing News.

  2. Grace wasn’t trained as a service dog but she was a three legged companion to my son-in-law who is also an amputee. He rescued her through the Humane Society. She became a great help to him. She would put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket for him and retrieve things for him. I know she did other things too but I can’t remember everything he trained her to do.

  3. I don’t know a lot about service dogs but I have two search and recovery dogs. We work with a river rescue team. i would love to learn more about service dogs and look forward to readingyour posts

    • Hi Maria. To me in their own way Search and Rescue Dogs are Service Dog, because they have a job. It goes to show how many different angles this can be looked at. If you would like to recieve a copy of the newsletter – available o the 10th August – there will be a link under the newsletter heading. You can also sign up on this page too. It may be good to do a feature on Service dogs like yours, those who work with the police and army etc. They are so very precious.

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