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What type of Reader are you?

What type of Reader are you?

book-1012275_1280We all read books, be them eBooks or printed.  As the Indie Author community continues to grow, the reviews for what Readers read are even more necessary.  So what sort of reader are you? What do you look for? What annoys you? What makes a story awesome?

I love to read for the story.  There are only a few things which annoy me in books.  With Indie Authors it is the flow.  If  a book is stilted I find them very hard to read, the worst case scenario is I won’t finish it and I won’t leave a review unless I can find something positive to say.

In Traditional Published books I dislike finding American English in a book set in Historical England.  It annoys the hell out of me.  I have also noted now, since reading some great Indie Author books that I loath descriptions which go on for pages, along with the style of writing. His side, her side there side…Give it a break, let your writing flow and be an Indie Author.

Anyway, what I have noted with Reviews.  Those who are authors tend to be picky with grammar.  My grammar is still improving. However, I write in a mixture of different grammar – UK, NZ and US.  Most of my English is UK English and how I speak (the characters) seem to be a bit mixed up word wise.  Maybe my characters and muses watch too much TV and pick up odd words…LOL.

Are you a reader who likes to escape to another world or time?  Tell me about your journey of escape.

Are you a reader who looks for errors?  Tell me what is the most irritating thing you’ve come across.

where did you heart goOne of the last books I dived into was by Audrina Lane. A fab British Author who took me back to my teen years with her story. It was so good, I am now part way through book two. The times, romance, the British English and sayings, the music and what sort of things we used to do, so much forgotten.  Audrina’s books are a joy to read. Probably the first British book I have read in years.  Thank you x 

Where Did Your Heart Go – Book 1

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    What type of Reader are YOU

  2. maxwell ivey says:

    Hello; As a blind reader the most offensive thing is for a book to be read by someone whose voice is unattractive. Also, some people’s speech rate just never matches up with the pace of the story. And others try to affect accents that they just can’t pull off. For a long time a gentleman named Bob Aski read all the Tom Clansey books. And I quite often told my brother that if I ever met him on the street I was going to kick his ass for ruining or at least deminishing the pleasure I could have gotten from the books he was reading. They finally replaced him for Executive Orders. I read about half fiction and half personal development. I do most of my reading while exercising either on my treadmill or my bike that doesn’t go anywhere. But sometimes I treat myself and turn off the electronics and just dive into a john sandford, robert b parker, or j d robb. I tell people that sometimes the body craves a snickers bar and sometimes the mind craves a good trashy novel. Thanks for the great question, Max

  3. I can live with the occasional typing error and editorial error. Things slip past the most seasoned editor. I don’t care for carless profreeding. But I really don’t care for writers who don’t learn their craft—who fill their prose with hum drum dinner table dialogue, can’t edit out deadwood scenes or the day-to-day detritus of their characters’ lives, and don’t know how to move a character from one room to the next, much less a scene.

  4. Rainne says:

    I enjoy stories that flow, too, stilted writing makes it hard to get into a book. The thing that bugs me the most is bad spelling!

  5. I read quite a variety of books, from books aimed at children, to those aimed at an adult only audience, from fantasy to poetry, from historical fiction to science fiction, and so on. It’s more the plot than the genre or age range that will make me want to read a book.

    I try to be considerate of the fact that everyone has their own writing style, there are different ways of saying or spelling things in different places, and even the best editor can miss typing and grammar errors. So I only comment on poor editing if it’s so bad I can’t look past it to the story beyond, and only comment on an author’s writing style if I found it particularly pleasing or found it really difficult to understand what the author was saying.

    My main issue in any book is cursing. There’s no excuse for it at all in books aimed at young adult or younger, and it’s used too freely in some cases in adult books too. Still, even with that I’ll only complain if it’s used to an excess (like if it feels like every senetence has at least one curse word in it) or used inappropriately (like how, in one book I read, the person was cursing up a storm while supposedly murmering soft and gentle reasurances to calm a person down).

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    I’m a patient, forgiving reader. I know what it’s like for my writing to be analyzed and torn apart. And even when it’s for the better, it’s an exercise an misery. LOL. So, give me your slow beginnings and your unlikable characters! Give me your sometimes cliched plot twists. I will read it, I will bear it! This blog post has inspired me to write my own regarding what type of reader I am. Thank you!

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