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The Wheels keep Turning

The Wheels keep Turning


In I few days I will be celebrating the start of my third year in Publishing.  I am astounded at the progress I have made, the friends I have met, the clients I have worked with. It has been a truely amazing journey. I have worked with 70 clients in the past two years.  Over the next few months you will see me updating my website so those clients can have their own page and book links.

EVENT – Starting year Three

Now though, is the time to push outside the square or box – through the constrainted boundaries a lot of us stumble into as authors and small businesses.  We all need to grow and together, I believe we can.  There are lots of things we can do for each other to push our progress to the readers and future clients.

How are we going to do this?

Well it isn’t easy.  If it was it would be boring.  Life is what we make it, so lets get out there and live it, enjoy it and capture the interest of those we need to succeed.

My target audience is writers and authors.  What do I need to do to get them to come to me when there are so many other Publishers out there, who are bigger and at this stage, probably better than I am.

1. Well, I give each client my undivided attention, I work with them to get the best work out of them as a writer and give them the best book back in return. In effect I tutor an author in the process of self-publishing – not writing. I tutor how to open and use accounts on createspace, kindle and draft to digital. I assist with tax forms which each accoutn needs filling in. I assist with building their platform as a writer, showing them the simple and free ways of marketing.  

2. When it comes to the actual book, I offer packages for formatting, editing, book covers and book trailers. Each package has a price and something different on offer, it depends totally on who needs what.  I also do formatting as a solo job  due to the fact many writers and authors already have editors and book cover designers.  I work with the author and how they wish their book to look within the guidelines of how a book should look to a reader.

Today, I still see badly formatted work, one of my main complaints is when eBooks aren’t justified and the indent is to large.  It makes it harder to read – well for me it does. 

My business is now open to submissions for work. I may not be a publisher who works off royalties, however, I do the same things for a certain cost.  The Royalties are the authors, it doesn’t matter if they become a best seller or not. Once I am paid I am happy.


3. My next idea is my Indie Publishing News.  As some of you may know I offer FREE Marketing to author and small businesses supporting Authors.  All you have to do is join my group on Facebook and sign up to recieve a copy of the newsletter.  (There are some copies on this website under Newsletters) By doing this we are informing each other of our work and books.  My mission is to get more author in the group.  However my main area of concern is if you are reading the newsletter and passing it on to your friends and readers. This is what needs to happen.  With this thought, I am going to make a sign up form for Readers to get the latest news on Indie Authors.  I will need this shared out, re-tweeted, etc. by eveyone who gets FREE Marketing, engage your readers, after all, this is what everyone one of you needs in some way or another.

Imagine your readers looking through ‘The Indie Publishing News,’ they find a review or a book they like the look of, so they go and buy it. Meanwhile another reader might be buying your book. So you can see how together we can grow our marketing and reach.

A favourite motto of mine – T.E.A.M – Together Each Achieves More.  So lets get the team work moving forward and grow OUR newsletter.

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