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Gwendolyn Kiste – URL Links

Gwendolyn Kiste – URL Links

I see many authors and PAs get tossed into what has now been called Facebook Jail, where they get banned for a certain length of time for posting to fast, to frequently or in to many groups at once – or so it seems.

On Amazon authors are losing reviews due to  “You know the Author,” syndrome.  So how do they find out?

Today I found this article posted on facebook.  It is by Gwendolyn Kiste, who writes about how authors and publishers use URL Links they share.  I have attached her article here, it is interesting to read and so are the comments.  Part of the post covers why authors maybe losing reviews, it is the URL and how much of it you copy and paste to share.

How-writers-ruin-their-amazon-links  – THIS IS A MUST READ

On a personal front, I only share the first part of a URL for a book from Amazon.  Once the link has loaded on Facebook, I remove the link and type in a post, this means you have to click on the picture to read the article.  When I write my newsletter I copy and paste a partial URL to the BUY NOW Link.  What this means is Facebook and Amazon can’t follow you as easily.  

Since I don’t do a lot of Marketing, I have no real Idea about how the bans on Facebook happen. I have yet to be caught up in it, though I do knwo several authors and PA,s who have. Maybe reading this article of Gwedolyns will help.

Thank you to Lilian Surgeson and Stacey Jaine McIntosh for sharing this article

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