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Starting Year Three with a NEW Anthology

Starting Year Three with a NEW Anthology

1Wow how the time has flown. I can’t quite believe I have hit year three already.  Lots of exciting things happening here too.  So let me tell you my news.

First of all I now have package deals for authors who need different types of work with their manuscript.  I will still have my one-off deals where I work one on one with formatting, after all some authors already have editors, book cover designers and book trailer designer.  If you DON’T then you can buy one of my package deals and get what you need for a good price.  

Many people don’t realise the time which goes into producing a book and give it a professional look, never mind the marketing involved.  Time of course is money and many of us Indie Businesses don’t charge enough for the work we do.  Many of us – like Authors have more than one job so we can put food on the table.  However, we love to help, which is the essence of why we have our businesses.

In the last two years, I have met some wonderful people who run great Indie Businesses so having these package deals is my way to help them grow and you – the author get the best quality work available.

Packages Deals:

I also sponsor a few clients with work as well as running a yearly Sponsorship Program for Indie Authors who have never published a full length novel.  The Sponsorship Program includes several businesses who donate their time and skills as part of the prize.  The prize is worth $500 + depending on which businesses are participating each year.

My other FREE Work is – Indie Publishing News.  For this, all you need to do is join the Facebook Group HERE and sign up for the newsletter.  In exchange you will get FREE MARKETING in this bi-monthly newsletter, which is now has over 30 pages. The idea is to email your copy to your family, friends and readers, there by making this newsletter your place to go for marketing worldwide.  Come come and join us – helping you to help each other.

13898427_10208978511752692_933767599_oFor Year Three I have started an Anthology Group called Ghostly Writes.  This group will submit short stories to me from 1 – 7k words.  Submissions need to be edited and into me by 1st October  each year, and the eBook will be out on Hallows Eve.  You can find the group HERE. There is also a possibility of a paperback, depending of how many participate.

This poster was made by Jenn L Deese Neall for our group.  Hasn’t she done a wonderful job.

So there you have it all.  My latest news and fun times ahead.  If you know any writers or authors please think about mentioning Plaisted Publishing House.  There are testimonials  on this website.  


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