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Interviewing Rianne Moss – My Mother

I would like to introduce you to another talented Author called Rianne Moss. Her short story is called My Mother and shows the strength of  Love from The Other Side.

Introduce Yourself and where you’re from.

I’m Rianne Moss, which is a pen name as my real name is long and hard to pronounce. In addition, I wanted to separate my writing career from my everyday life.   I’m from Canada and live in the prairies. I live with my partner of eight years and our three kids. I have a certificate in Youth Care Work, which has acted as a huge inspiration for my writing.  In my spare time when I’m not writing, I’m spending time with my family, cooking, reading (a lot of it), and playing on the computer.

Tell us about your writing journey?

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I published my first novel Shatterproof in 2015, its sequel Unbreakable in 2016, and It’s Never Water Under the Bridge in 2016, with the second version released in 2017. I have a literary fiction novel, Black Sheep being released sometime in 2018.

I don’t write in a particular genre. I write about real life issues such as drug addiction, abuse, prostitution, violence, etc. I don’t sugar coat these issues and try to show them in a realistic way.  I don’t go into gory details of certain topics and try to remain respectful for those who have experienced the many things I write about. 

I have a few WIP in progress: a crime drama, a middle grade steam punk novelette and several short stories and flash fiction stories.

What is your story about?

My mother is about a woman who is shot by a mysterious man. Her child (the narrator of the story) is the last person she spoke too before dying. The circumstances following aren’t as they seem. I won’t go into further detail without risking spoiling the story.

Why did you choose this topic/genre?

When I wrote this, the theme I followed was “haunting” and needed to involve a ghost of some kind.

Why publish in the Ghostly Writes Anthologies?

I had this short story lying around, came across the “Valentines Ghostly Anthology,” and thought my story would be a good fit.

Thank you for participating.

Books, Authors, Double Standards and Snobbery.

Some of those who are trad published and readers who will only read trad published seem to forget that the books they may have read from the earlier years were technically Indie Published. This includes the Bible, Twain, Dickens, Bronte Sister and even Shakespere…

Yes there is bad work out there like you say every industry has it so folks do need to stop complaining and start reading and give Indie Authors a chance.

I’m proud to be an Indie Author and Publisher 🙂

Interviewing C A Keith – Pinetree Trail

Introducing the lovely C A Keith who submitted a short story called Pinetree Trail to Love from The Other Side which is the second Ghostly Writes Valentines Antholgoy. The paperback has a huge 60% and the ebook is FREE. Our gift to you.

Hi, I’m Charlotte.  My author name is C.A. Keith. I live in the Niagara wine district of Ontario, Canada. I live between Toronto and Niagara Falls, a stones throw to Lake Ontario. I have two boys 26 and 20, two Bernese Mountain Dogs, and a furry cat. I work as a College Professor in a local community college and I work with a Physiotherapy team. 

I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I wrote more romance poetry back then. Currently, I am exploring many genres. I started writing romance and erotica, to ghost stories, children’s stories and murder mysteries. As I learn from other talented writers from social media groups, my writing style has improved. I am thrilled to have some of my short stories in various anthologies. The Ghostly Write series being one of them, a couple of fund raisers with the ever so talented, Paul White, (a romance short story), another a collection of short stories for the LGBTQ community. My story hopefully raises awareness about the transgender community. Another short story I wrote was based in Liverpool, a murder mystery investigated at the Albert docks,  for an anthology published by Adam Mitchell. 

I have always been intrigued in the paranormal. I believe spirits move within our realm. The universe is a big place and our living bodies isn’t the end of our life as we know it. My first short  ghostly tale, is based on many true events. The other three short stories were fictional. I tend to bring a lot of myself into my stories as I tend to relate to the characters I write about. The most recent Ghostly Writes Valentine Anthology, was renamed Love from the Other Side.  My short story called ‘The Pinetree Trail,’ follows Sammy and her lovable Bernese Mountain dog Lucy, as they are hiking up the escarpment one frigid wintery day. 

I’ve really enjoyed submitting flash fiction stories and poetry in newsletters published by Plaisted Publishing House and CQ International. My experience working with other authors has helped me grow as a writer. It is a tough market and working with talented writers has been thrilling for me. 

I’m ecstatic to think what the future holds for me as a writer. To me, writing is freedom. A world of fantasy and playfulness. I relate to my two childhood favourite story books; Alice in Wonderland and Charlotte’s Web. I am a daydreamer like Alice and creative like Charlotte. I will continue writing as long as letters become words and words form sentences that string into paragraphs and weave into stories that become novels.  It’s a playful magical journey that my mind lives in. I am OK with that. 

I would definitely continue working with Plaisted Publishing House.  They work hard to make everyone happy. Everyone in the Ghostly Writes social group help to make teasers and videos and always willing to help in any way. 

Thanks for letting me be part of this anthology and others. 

Interviewing Michael Lynes – Scary Love

Introducing you to Michael Lynes one of our authors who published his short story Scary Love in our latest Ghostly Writes Valentine’s Anthology called Love from The Other Side.  Don’t forget it is FREE in ebook 

Introduce yourself and where you’re from.

My name is Michael Lynes. I am an engineer by training and a serial entrepreneur. I’ve been married for almost thirty-five years with four sons and two grandchildren. I enjoy baking bread, feeding seasoned hardwood into my ancient Timberline woodstove, working on various cars, bird watching and taking amateur photographs. I live in Sussex County, New Jersey, USA – a beautiful rural area of the state.

Tell us about your writing journey?

I was inspired to write my story mainly because I personally love the short story as an art form, both as a reader (first) and now as an author. I also like the process of creation. I enjoy the technical aspects of story craft. I get a thrill when I have managed to incorporate a rhythm or a set of syncopated lyrical elements into the warp and weft of my storyline. Balance and smooth narrative flow are also key in telling an effective story. I am delighted and humbled when my writing is able to evoke an emotional response in the reader. It is a privilege to witness the transmission of emotion, felt at first by myself or by my character, into the readers’ separate emotional space. Getting feedback through a review or comment is extremely gratifying.

What is your story about?

My story is titled ‘Scary Love’ – it is a short story about the power of love, how it transcends the end of life and how through love all hurts and fears can be overcome. My main character is Himi-Ko Sarume. Her name in Japanese means ‘Daughter of the Sun’. Himi-ko is confronted both by the demons of her past and by her aching sense of loss and despair. She comes to realize that only love can provide her the answers she most desires.

Why did you choose this topic/genre?

Well, genre for this story was contemporary, with a twist of the supernatural. It seemed to fit well with the theme of the anthology. As for the topic, I’ve always been fascinated with the Shinto religion and this was an opportunity to write about it in short-story form.

Why publish in the Ghostly Writes Anthologies?

The anthology provides authors with great exposure and the opportunity to meet a terrific bunch of other writers and collaborate with them on a project.

Share your experiences of helping each other in the Ghostly Writes Group.

I am not sure if I helped anyone directly but it is fun to read all of the other stories and also to vote on the cover and title of the anthology.

Thank you for participating.