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Month: January 2020

6 Agents Seeking Mysteries and Thrillers NOW – by Erica Verrillo…

Do you have a Mystery or Thriller…Agents are looking …

Jane Risdon – Ms Birdsong Investigates

Undercover… A story to enjoy. If you love music though, you must read Only One Woman 🙂

Top Publishing Trends for 2020

The Top Publishing Trends For 2020 Jan 15, 2020 | Marketing Written Word Media (WMD) recently published a must-read article with the top publishing industry trends for the new year, written by Clayton Noblit. I am sharing here a summary that includes their main points. 1. Audiobooks will continue to gain popularity, and more indie authors will invest…
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The 2 kinds of diversity advocates in publishing

Personally I believe in good writing. I don’t care what your skin colour is or what your sexuality is. If you write well and I can help you self-publish your book then I will do so. I have assisted people of all races and sexualities and disabilities so far. I support writers…and authors.

Facebook Games & Amazon

SHORT OPINION PIECE This could be confusing. Though when I look at it. It isn’t, well not to me. I see games where authors list other authors they know. In fact, I am tagged in these games and I rarely participate. Why? You may ask. Well…it’s because it shows we know each other. It shows,…
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10 Commandments of Writing

The Ten Commandments of Writing.

Ten Editing Tips from Melissa Donovan

Editing Tips I spend a lot of time editing other people’s writing and self-editing my own work. In fact, I spend more time revising and proofreading than I do writing. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite editing tips: 1. Accept Favor Requests for Editing When a friend, family member, or coworker…
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