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Word War with Cac the Proofreader

It’s WORD WAR time! I’m Cac The Proofreader, and today I’m serving up ME, MYSELF AND I, another one I see consistently misused.

I am going to simplify this for you so your confusion will be a thing of the past!

ME and I. “Between you and I” is incorrect because the word “I” cannot be the object of a preposition (between). Even though the former sounds more scholarly, it is wrong. “That is a gift from my wife and I.” The phrase “my wife and I” cannot be the object of a preposition (from); therefore, the sentence needs rephrasing. The new and correct structure should read, “That is a gift from me and my wife. “Contact either me or your manager” is an example of a sentence that most people think is grammatically incorrect (as opposed to “myself”), but in fact it complies with grammar rules.


You can only use MYSELF if you’ve used the word “I” in the sentence. Example: “I made it myself.” Do not use “myself” because you think it sounds more formal or polite, as in “Send any complaints to the manager or myself.” The correct usage is “…to the manager or me.”

In summary, and quick tips: * “MYSELF” must always have the word “I” in the sentence. * “I” cannot be the direct object of a verb. And there you have it! EZ PZ, right?

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The Awethors – Celebrating 5 years.

A classic moment when I read a post about the two Awethologies by The Awethors which was published by Plaisted Publishing House in October 2015. How the heck did I miss this? Nearly. Being in New Zealand, means I’m a day ahead of most people. However I’d also like to celebrate both Awethologies we had and participated in. It was amazing team work with Editors galore, around 54 International Authors better known as Awethors who were part of the group. We ended up making two Anthologies with close to 600 pages apiece. The eBooks were FREE and, from memory, the Paperbacks were close to $21 USD.

Not only did we produce the books, we also did a live marketing book day to celebrate starting in New Zealand and Australia with myself and Michael J Elliott. Due to the time difference we were celebrating for a long time. I know I was sharing Author Interviews for 17 hours before retiring to bed. The celebrations continued in the Northern Hemisphere long after.

I will be sharing some of the old Awethor Interviews with you over the next few weeks, hopefully I can get some of the Awethors to update us with what they are doing now and over the last five years. It’ll be nice to catch up with everyone. Meanwhile, here are the links to the two Awethologies. 

Awethology Dark is for those over 18 yrs and Awethology Light can be read by younger readers. We hope you still enjoy the read of some fantastic stories.