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Month: October 2020

Micheal R Stern #Awethor of ……

This is an interview with Michael Stern who participated in the #Awethors Anthology in 2015. I wonder what he is up to NOW. Hey, Michael, can you update us on what’s happened over the last five years and what you’re doing today?

The Awethors – Celebrating 5 years.

A classic moment when I read a post about the two Awethologies by The Awethors which was published by Plaisted Publishing House in October 2015. How the heck did I miss this? Nearly. Being in New Zealand, means I’m a day ahead of most people. However I’d also like to celebrate both Awethologies we had…
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Submission Guidelines for Clients and Ghostly Rites Anthologies.

We have NEW SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for clients and or anyone submitting work for an anthology at Plaisted Publishing (Author Assist). This is what you need to know! All work needs to be automatically set up for when you write, this includes – Titles, Chapter Headings, Indents, etc. You won’t need a Contents Page or page…
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English Language and your Readers!

WordPress Wednesday… Look at your English… Which version do you use?

Word War with Cac the Proofreader

Cac The Proofreader back with another WORD WAR, and this one’s a double dose of fun! We’re going to look at two words, each of which has two spellings and different meanings. So I should say we’re looking at four words! Let’s dive in…   ALTOGETHER vs. ALL TOGETHER.   ALTOGETHER means “completely,” “in total,”…
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Interior Design – Fonts and Genre you Write

Nothing is FREE when you publish independently unless you’re a tech expert and know everything. EDITING, INTERIOR DESIGN (Formatting) BOOK COVERS & MARKETING, etc. Can you do everything? I know I can’t which is why I use CONTRACTORS for my manuscripts and developed a business to help other Independent Authors. I’ve seen so much BAD INTERIOR DESIGN,…
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My Top Ten Tweets for #writers

Marketing Tweets for Writers from Roxanne.

How to Design a Book Cover: The Only Guide You Need – by Helen Vdovychenko…

For those who are looking at making book covers. This article also includes help with FONTS for different genres…

English Language and your Readers!

Who is your Audience? Do you know? Do you care? Remember choosing your Audience also affects the marketing you will need to do. Editing is not my thing. I do my best work helping with the flow and structure of a manuscript. I’ll call it proofreading for now. Some things are easy to see and…
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